The list of artists in the 2016 Big3 has finally arrived!!! Every year, HHS picks 3 talented artists from the previous year who made a name for themselves music-wise in the Showcases, the underground music scene and online. To qualify, the artist must have at least won one HHS title. This year the artists who will be the faces of HHS’s 2016 SeaZon are Suzann Christine, King Ceazar and She Real.

We all knew King Ceazar had a good chance of staying in the Big3 since his buzz started growing in the 2014 SeaZon. Last year, he released videos for “FlessTro”, “Basqiuat” and “We Good” back-to-back. Each one made noise and opened up the door for his “FlessCoo 2” Mixtape release on Christmas Day. His sound and ability to consistently put out strong singles keeps his name buzzing in the NYC underground scene.

Philly’s R&B Queen Suzann Christine came into the program at the end of the 2015 SeaZon and shot up the rankings after winning HHS #18. Her strong voice, songwriting ability and stage presence make her a triple threat in the R&B world. She’s a full time musician that puts her all into her music and stays active in the underground scene. Her video for “Where did the Love Go” made noise on a lot of blogs in the urban community and showed off a strong positive message as well.

She Real is SOO Real!!! A petite young woman with a huge persona. Her vicious yet crafty flow embodies the golden ages of hip hop. She topped the W. Hip Hop rankings after winning 2 HHS titles in just 3 shows. Her passion for hip hop is painted all over the NYC underground scene, since she’s been very active in it for some time now. She released a mixtape called “Real Hip Hop Still Exists” and debuted her hit single “Bodega” in an amazing video. The video is still catching traction and is a must-watch.

This year’s Big3 is a great combination of sounds, strong movements and talent. They will be headlining all the showcases of 2016 and be backed by HHS in a partnership. Don’t be surprised if all three artists break into the mainstream next year. They all have the talent and work ethic to do just that.