Hip Hop SeaZon is bringing forth its first Fab5 Cypher to showcase some of the top lyrical MCs in the program. Talks of the cypher started in 2015 when critics said HHS didn’t have any Top notch MC in their program. To put it to rest Michael Chillz picked out the Top 5 MCs currently active at the Seazon and boy it’s truly a Fab5. Starting with Mason the quick spitting MC from jersey who has placed in the top 3 a few times as the HHS showcase. Then there’s “TheFlyGuy” Present Burna from queens who’s the SeaZon 22 Champion. Presents delivers heavy bars every opportunity he gets to touch a stage. What’s a Cypher without the young king SluggoDaDon? The new #1 ranked spit fire MC freestyles in his sleep. Even then you still can’t stop him from spitting a 16 off the top. Representing the ladies is none other then “The Queen MC” She Real. This Big3 and #1 Ranked W Hip Hop artist lives for moments like this. Now lastly  Chillz went back in time and brought back the HHS legend from the DMV Ha Style. His temporary transition  into battle rap has expanded his craft and his lines are now sharper than ever. This 2016 Fab5 will be the first off many chosen once a year to make  these Cyphers a new tradition at HHS. Be sure to check out the video once it’s released very soon!!

– Tasha Gray