Every once in a blue moon a nice breeze of R&B talent passes through HHS. The first time the breeze came was back at the SeaZon 6 showcase in 2014. The 2 time Champion Diomara brought us that organic soul that silenced a hip hop crowd and made them breathe clean air. Now fast forward two years later at the Seazon 25 showcase that same Soul Breeze has returned. Only this time it was delivered by a young soft spoken beauty named Sindigo from Brooklyn NY. She performed her soulful single “Want You” and the room began to literally float into a different world. Her calm yet soothing voice put the crowds ears at ease as she slowly glided through notes that makes you close your eyes. Her single “Want You” comes from her latest EP “Sincerely SINDIGO” which is a collective everyone should experience at least once. Sindigo’s freelance song writing ability is pretty similar to Erykah Bado in that she doesn’t follow a typical format. She created a sound that’s an abstract painting with no boarders. Her EP is also more of an expression than just a project. What’s very intriguing about Sindigo is it seems that she doesn’t aim to just make her listeners get up and dance. She pushed people to sit back and feel what she’s trying to express. R&B Soul music may have taken a back seat in today’s music industry with all the trap and dance music on the air waves. But when you hear a new school soulful talent like Sindigo it really gives you the sense that we need more. Music should make you want to do a lot more than just want to get up and dance anyway. It should also make you reminisce of personal life experiences. Check out her latest EP here.