HHS continues its reign of housing and promoting some of the best unsigned artists in the country. At first, most people thought the talent here ended with King Ceazar and Ha Style. Then along came Nubia Emmon and Diomara in early 2014. We now have a young rising star that’s been in HHS the whole time since March of 2014 named Black&ndWhite. After winning the second ROTY open mic, he made his debut in SeaZon 6. Although Diomara stole the show that night, he returned in SeaZon 9 stronger than ever. We all knew he was able to sing and rap relatively well. What we later found out at the end of 2014 is that he is also an amazing songwriter. In SeaZon 10 he won his first HHS title with a song called “Running for My Life” from his Album. The song showcased his singing, rapping and writing ability. On top of all that his performance was “Legendary”. He got the crowd involved early and fed them a classic hit. For those who thinks he sounds like Drake, or only has one hit song, think again. His album “II IX I I” has to be one of the best R&B / Hip Hop project I’ve heard all year. With countless hits like “Homerun”, “Secret Place”, “Bimmer” and “Show you my Love”, this kid is ready to break into the mainstream NOW!! If you asked me what my favorite song on the album is, I’d be forced to give you 7 names because there’s way too many hits to just pick one. Black&ndWhite is an artist you need to jump on early, because he won’t be here at HHS for much longer – I can guarantee it.

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