At Hip Hop SeaZon there’s always young talent coming in and out of the program constantly. Most come in, perform at one showcase, lose and you’ll probably never hear from them again since they don’t want to embrace the top competition. Once in a blue moon you’ll come across a talented staple artist like a King Ceazar or Ha-Style that is here to stay. In SeaZon 12 a young new artist from New Jersey named Manganelli came and surprised everyone when he performed. When you see him for the first time, you think he must be a drummer for a punk band – or maybe a young reckless biker in an upstate bike club. We were all dead wrong and found out he’s a Rap/Singing/Trap white kid that can rip any stage. Any stage? Yes, any stage. When he performs, he reminds me of the first time Ha-Style stepped onto the HHS stage and almost broke every piece of equipment in the venue. Manganelli is the definition of Turnt, and has a few club bangers that can make any crowd move. Picture a more polished Machine Gun Kelly with better songwriting ability, like with his single “B.O.B.W” or “You’s a Joke” that are a must-hear. Although he didn’t win SeaZon 12 or 13, he came back for blood in SeaZon 14 and won his first title. It was only a matter of time for him, and I can see him racking up at least one more before the year is done. His constant top notch performances landed him right behind Ha-Style in the Top 10 Rankings. Check out his latest video for “B.O.B.W” below.