As the fourth quarter of the 2017 SeaZon approaches talks about who will be in next year’s Big3 are starting to brew. One of the candidates leading the charge for consideration is Long Island’s own MulaManDam. From the time he made his first appearance on the main stage in SeaZon 23 Mula has been elevated himself into new heights. Starting with his single releases he’s been dropping on Sound Cloud every Friday. That weekly tactic gave the world gem songs like “Who is This”, “Drip Drop”, And “Pull Up”. All three singles have cruised over the 20k mark in plays. His stage presence has also reached an all time high. He even began to branch outside of HHS headlines his own shows on Long Island. Every show he left his fans filled with highlights by surfing the crowd like a rock star. Although you can box him in the “Sound Cloud and Rapper” category he seems to be much more than that. His NY roots keeps him grounded with bars and his high energy persona give his listeners new life. What’s very scary about this kid is that he gets better every year and only just beginning to come into his own. The world will finally get to hear him in full form when he drops his first project soon in early 2018 . This body of work will give us all a good idea of weather he’ll be here to stay or just a fly by night artist. Check out his new video for “Red Beam Jawn” feat Bolly below.

-Tasha Gray

MulaManDam Feat Bolly
“Red Beam Jawn”