When you first hear the name SluggoDaDon what do you think? Do you laugh and say what a terrible name? Or do you think that name that’s a great name to have as an MC? For most of you, you’re probably thinking that’s a dumb name to have and you gotta be really talented to go anywhere with a name like that. Whelp HHS’s 2x Champion SluggoDaDon is that “Damn” Good. Imagine Meek Mill rap ability with Desiigners performance energy. You’ll get 22 year Queens native Sluggodadon. This kid is an explosive that’s lit every time he has an opportunity to rap. He made his debut at The Rookie Open Vol19. Although he didn’t win he made enough of a mark to get a spot in the Seazon 19 Showcase after Michael Chillz loved his performance energy. At the Showcase She Real and Suzann Christine out shined the rookie but he didn’t quit there. He went right down to the ground level, won the next open mic and followed up the winning his first HHS title in SeaZon 20. Seazon 21 and 22 his presence was still very much felt as he placed as a runner up both times. In SeaZon 23 he evolved into a monster and took home his second title. He treated the club like a kids playground and used every piece of it. Sluggo is now only the 4th Artist in HHS history to win 2 titles. “Sluggo’s the future and has more than what it takes to break into the mainstream. His blend of being a true MC and turning up like a new school artist is something I have never seen before” says Michael Chillz. “He’s going to be one of those artist it’s almost impossible to hate because he can rap with the best of them to satisfy the hip hop heads yet part of the new school wave”-Chillz continues. Sluggo gets a lot of love everywhere he goes not only because he’s talented but he also shows everyone love. His antics has him knocking on the door for the 2017 Big3 and he can feel it. With 3 more shows left in the 2016 SeaZon left we are all glued to Sluggodadon to see what he will do next. At the rate he’s moving he can break any day now. Just remember you heard it here first.