The City of Brotherly Love has been known to produce talented R&B acts such as Boyz 2 Men, Jill Scott, and Musiq Soulchild. These artist all made positive music for the soul and love was the message behind it all. Most of the new music coming out of the urban communities have seemed to stray away from making love the center point of their message. There’s only a select few young artist keeping that tradition alive and well. Philly has a new fresh face named Suzann Christine that will make her predecessors proud. Suzann made her debut at Hip Hop SeaZon 19 and won her first title singing her latest single “Where Did the Love Go”. The song focusses on lack of love in the city of brotherly love and other communities alike. Taking on a very current issue is something most new artist stray away from. But Su took it on head first and get her point across. This young beauty has a powerful voice and makes you drop everything your doing to pay attention when she sings. She’s a young Mary J in her prime with a splash of Patty Labelle’s vocal range. Seeing her perform live is an experience within it self with her strong stage presence. HHS has seen many singers come through their doors but none like #SuDat. Suzann has all the tools necessary to break into the main stream and last for a very long time. Check out her latest Video for the song “Where Did The Love Go” Here!