With the huge growth of interest in apps like Vine, Instagram and Snap Chat comes a new wave of celebrities. These outlets have allowed talented young ppl to gain massive exposure and grow their brands on their own without any help. One of the young leaders paving a way for young dancers is none other than Maryland’s own Yvng Swag. This 17 year old has built his brand up simply by creating entertaining short videos on social media. He implements new original dance in the videos that drives the youth crazy. Inspired by Chris Brown Swag has young people waiting for new dance videos every month. At 17 most kids aren’t sure what they even sure what they want to do what their lives or are too busy following the crowd. Instead Swag walks to the sound of his own drum and has grown his following to a whopping 400,000 Instagram. Simply by Dabbin and Hittin dam folks with fire dance moves. There’s no telling how far this kid will go in dance in the future. But what we do know is that his smart and savvy enough to reach any goal he sets for himself. The sky is the limit for Yvng Swag and he’s a talent I am sure you will see on a TV screen near you very soon. Follow him on Instagram @Yvngswag. He’ll teach you how to be the life of the party at the next event you attend for sure.