Since the beginning of hip hop Femcee’s have structured their music to be positive and motivational at the same time. Women like Queen Latifah, The Real Roxanne and MC Lyte made noise on the scene with out having to sell sex. Now while there nothing wrong with showing the sexy side like a Little Kim or Nicki Minaj display the positive uplifting MC’s have taken a back seat. We have yet to see another talented Femcee like Lauren Hill that can captivate the Hip Hop community with out explicit sexual content in their music. There’s a young Femcee from Harlem that can change that trend. HHS has a 2x Champion that is probably the most impressive Femcee with a positive message I’ve seen in a very long time. Her name’s She Real and she’s as “Real” as it gets. The first thing that will stick with you when you meet her is the “Real” Afro. There’s no weave or special hair products in her hair. The second is her “Real” welcoming voice that turns “Real Mean” once she touches a microphone. But the most important thing about her is the “Real” content that her music delivers. Her verses are words that can be taken in  daily like the morning paper before you go to work. It may be a sad story, but it’s so well put together to the point where her songs speak to your soul rather than just your mind. On top of all that she grinds hard like an artist from the south. She hits every performing opportunity given to her in the tri state area. Say what you want about the current state of Hip Hop, but I think artist like her can bring that old school message in a new school way. Check out her later mixtape below “Real Hip Hop Still Exists 2” to get an idea of what’s she’s all about. Trust me when I say it’s “Real” good.

– James Harvey