Attention all talented hip hop and R&B artists –The #1 Hip Hop Star Case has finally arrived in NY. Hip Hop SeaZon is now taking submissions for its opening showcase this June. Hip Hop SeaZon is a series of showcases throughout the year where the top 25 unsigned artists in the country compete for a $1,000 cash prize, recording deals and HHS rankings every month.

First Prize Includes:

  • $1,000 Cash
  • SeaZon Jam Interview
  • HHS Title
  • HHS Chain
  • HHS Video Promotional Package
  • Free Beats
  • YouTube Promotional Package
  • Free Slot in the Next Showcase
  • Headlines Next Showcase
  • Headlines Promo Video
  • HHS Top 10 Ranking
  • Demo Listening with Major Labels
  • A Feature on “The SeaZon” DVD series

We’re only looking for the top 25 artists in the country so please send your best track today on our submissions page. Success with us opens the door to the hip hop music industry and prepares you to flourish above the competition as a superstar.

What Makes Us #1


We heavily award our showcase winners with prizes that will benefit them greatly. Starting with $1,000 in cash, an HHS chain and a promotional package that’s worth well over $2,000. We even provide free studio time for the winner, free beats and a free slot on the next showcase as the returning champ. These prizes are put in place to bring out the best in our artists and give them a good reason to come back.

HHS Report Card

During each artist’s performance our panel of judges grade each performer on the five aspects we are looking for. Beat selection, hook, signature, performance and movement. The performer with the best repot card will win the showcase. We will also email each performing artist their report cards so they can see exactly what they can improve on. They can make that correction and come back stronger than before.

Top 10 Rankings

After each showcase a new top ten ranking will be posted to our website. This ranking will have the top ten artists in order based on their report card. We send out our top 10 ranking to all the major record labels to show them our top prospects for the month. The longer an artist can stay on our top 10 list the more attention and buzz they will receive. We also separate the top 10 hip hop artists from the top 10 R&B artists.

Free Profile Page

Each artist that performs in our showcase will get a profile page on the free agents section of our website. This profile will include the artist’s single, a bio and contact information.

2nd Chances

Another great thing about Hip Hop SeaZon is the fact that every artist has an opportunity to register in as many showcases as they want. At the end of every showcase there will be an early sign up sheet for the next one. So if an artist doesn’t have a great performance in their first showcase they can always come back to prove themselves.


There’s nothing that will motivate and take an artist’s performance to the next level like putting top competition around them. All the artists that get accepted into our showcase will have superstar potential. That means that every one will have talent and every one will have to bring their best. The high level of competition will separate the superstars from the stars.


We have hired one the funniest comedians in the area to host our showcases in Young Kruz. He will keep the crowd entertained and laughing from start to finish.

Our Staff

We have put together a hard working and dedicated staff that puts every artist first.

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