Hip Hop Seazon 24 may just go down at the best HHS showcase of all time. Not just because of the amazing performances by the BIG3, SluggoaDaDon, Mula or Mystro. The show went from 0 to 100 right from the start with Michael Chillz opening up the show with a freestyle of his own. Thirty minutes prior to the start of the show The staff got word that Young Kruz wouldn’t be able to make and host the show. So with none booked to back him up HHS’s CEO stepped up to the plate and took the show to the moon. Just imaging a Lyor Cohen or Jimmy Ivine opening up one of their artists show with a freestyle and killing it. The crowd went NUTS!!! Including the whole HHS staff in disbelief. Even the boss lady’s wife Sabrina ran to the stage surprised that her husband could rap in the first place. Mid way threw the show just when everyone though it couldn’t get any better Chillz jumps in the HHS Cypher and shuts it down AGAIN!!. The Crowd went crazy and some were actually able to film it. When asked about the freestyle after the show he says, ” I don’t even know what your talking. I didn’t rap.” Like it never happened. Some of Chillz’s childhood friends say he was actually one hell of a rapper back in his High School day and we believe them. It defiantly showed he still has some bars in the tank after over a decade. Check out his freestyle below and let us know what you think.