Why do you think great positive R&B music like yours sometimes take back seat to negative music with no message ?

I personally think that African Americans are being attacked in many ways and one of those ways is through music. Music is the Universal language and the most powerful language amongst humans, and so the powers that be make it a point to put out poisonous music to keep us off track. We aren’t allowed to have a whole bunch of positive, soulful music flood our airwaves. That would positively change the mindsets of our people and you know they can’t have that. The agenda is to keep us down, not up!

What’s your take on the new wave of R&B music coming out today?As appose to the Music that came out in the 90s?

The vibrations could be higher it could have more soul and be more healing like it use to be. I think new R&B is a good chill vibe. Rap and R&B are being blended together into one. Singers are flowing and rappers are more melodic. I miss the real strong voices that you could mock and imitate with harmonies that we had in the 90’s tho.

Are there any Indie artist that you would like to collaborate with that you haven’t in the past?

Joie Kathos from Philly,

Doja Cat

Brick from Detroit

In your opinion who’s the best R&B Singer of all time?

I never have a favorite! I love so many artist. My list consist of Whitney Houston, Teena Marie, Luther Vandross, Phylis Hyman, and Mary J. Blige. I’m probably forgetting someone.

What has been some of the toughest challenge you face as a talent indie artist on the rise ?

Understanding the business and understanding the politics that can affect you in a good or bad way.

What’s been the biggest highlight of your music career thus far?

My biggest highlight will always be the first time I had the opportunity to open up for so many A list artist at Radio One Fest in Miami back in 2012. They played my song Closed Casket on the radio nationally for their commercial. It was my first real big experience as an artist.

What do you think you can bring in the industry that will separate you from other artist ?

I bring what has been missing. I bring what people used to love. Real music, Real feeling, Soul, Vocals, good vibrations and content that heals.

Tell us one thing that you learned now that you wish you would have learned early in your career about the music industry?

How much money it takes to do this lol. I wish I knew how to spend my money and what to spend it on. I wish I knew more about the politics of it all as well.

This is the most important question of the interview that lets us know everything about you. What’s your favorite ice cream ?

Chocolate all day

Any shout out’s you’ll like to make ??

I’d like to shout out my parents who have supported me the best way they know how during this journey. S/O to my hairstylist @Aronstyle with the magic hands. S/O to Dj Diamond Kuts for teaching me the biggest lesson on a local level so I can be prepared for the main industry; I really appreciate your role in my life. S/o to everyone who has ever supported me, whether it was buying a shirt, downloading my music, or sharing something I’m promoting. You all are appreciated. Peace & Love!