As we begin to close out the 2014 SeaZon, the competition is continuing to shake up in the Top 10 Hip Hop Rankings. Since the very first showcase in 2013 up until now the #1 spot has only been shared by two artists. the DMV’s own Ha-Style and NYC’s golden child King Ceazar. In SeaZon 1, King Ceazar secured his spot as our #1 ranked Hip Hop Artist even though OOAK took home the title. Then, along came Ha-Style in SeaZon 2 to snatch up the title and the #1 slot on the power rankings. In Seazon 3, King Ceazar tasted sweet revenge by winning and reclaiming the #1 spot for the Bronx, NY. Now in SeaZon 4 – yup, you guessed it – Ha-Style returned with a vengeance and moved Ceazar back to the #2 spot. Since then, Ha-Style has held on to the #1 spot for over a year. None of the newcomers throughout the year were able to accomplish or match what Ha-Style has done onstage. Now, the NYC golden child has begun to pick up a lot of traction with the video for his new single, “God Damn”. The song sent shockwaves through the Bronx area. It was “Flesscoo Fever”. When SeaZon 10 came, he performed as a feature to close the show and brought down the house. “God Damn!!” The street buzz and performance boosted him right back to the #1 spot on the power rankings. The question still remains – who’s better? Ha-Style or King Ceazar? You be the judge. What I do know is that they’re two talented artists who deserve to be the faces of this company. Stay tuned to see what happens next for SeaZon 11 to see if Ha-Style keeps the saga going.