Hometown: Queensbridge
Age: 23
Genre: Hip Hop

When did you start doing music?
I started doing music when I was 14 years old

Tell us a little about your childhood?
I was born and raised in Queensbridge projects. I lived on the same block as Ron Artest and across the street from Nas. I lived with my moms and pops & older brother in the Bridge until I was 14 years old and from there me & my mom moved to Harlem, to St. Nicholas projects. My childhood was dope I got to grow up in the biggest projects In America, which is also a historic monument and my family is also known as the top 3 biggest families out there so it’s all love in my hood and I’m proud to have gotten that experience.

Which artist do you share similar styles with?
I honestly feel like I share a similar style with anyone but a lot if people tell me that I remind them of a young 50 Cent.

Who’s your artist Favorite of all time and why?
My artist of all time is Nas. I feel Nas is the all the time great because of how he delivered his music and how he kept his cool. I feel like Nas gave you real life in the hood in an intellectual way and at 19/20 years old back in that time, it’s like son was from the future. Beside that I feel like Nas was Raw but also smooth and Genuine at the same time, Queens is just different.

How did you feel when you won your first HHS title?
When I won my first HHS title I felt like I knew what I could do with my talent from there on out and it showed me that when you believe in your music 100% other people will believe in it 1000%.

Who was your toughest competitor at a Hip Hop SeaZon Showcase And Why?
My toughest competitor at a hip hop season event was a dude from Queens but I forgot his name, but at the contest that I won, he had a bandaid on his face that’s all I remember & I say him because he won at the contest that I was in but sons music is dope I fucks with it, would look forward to getting something done with him.

Who’s your celebrity Crush?
My lifetime crush will always be Nia Long

What was your most memorable moment at a Hip Hop Seazon Showcase?
My most memorable moment at a Hip Hop season event will be when I sense Jolly Roger Perform ate Nuyrican Poet Cafe, he turned the spot up.

Where do you see yourself 3 years from now?
3 years from now I see myself performing in front of thousands of people at Madison Sqaure Garden.

Any shout outs you’ll like to make?
Shouts to Present Burna, Wes Point First Lady, Mike Chillz, Ray Black, DJ Paco, the whole Hip
Hop SeaZon #Love.