Hometown: Binghamton, NY
Age: 21
Genre: R&B / New Wave

When did you start doing Music?
I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. I was always in chorus, but I didn’t start writing my own music seriously until college

Tell us a little about your childhood?
I was born in VA, moved to Binghamton when I was 6 and have been there ever since. I was really blessed growing up – it took me a long time to realize that, but I have two parents who would do literally anything to see me thrive. They let me explore my interests and find my own path.

Which artist do you share similar styles with?
I’ve really been inspired by Frank Ocean, Justin Timberlake, and Sade, but ask DJ Paco who he thinks I sound like, lol – I get the Drake comparisons, he’s definitely a huge influence, but I think as I make more music and listen to different things I’ll show how different my sound can be

Who’s your Favorite rapper of all time and Why?
André 3000. No question. The way he tells stories and puts words together is genius

How did you feel when you won your first HHS title?
It felt incredible – it was my third time coming back so I really wanted to be prepared and give a good performance.

Who was your Toughest competitor at a Hip Hop Seazon Showcase And Why?
Diamora. Her talent is off the charts. Hopefully we’ll get to square off next season

Who’s your celebrity Crush?
Man if Sade was 21, we’d be getting married. Just watch an interview of her when she was younger and you’ll understand.

What was your most memorable moment at a Hip Hop Seazon Showcase?
I think it would have to be winning Rookie of the Year. I had been invited to the HHS showcase but didn’t have money for the entry fee at the time. I ended up going to the ROY to earn my spot at HHS and won. Definitely a validating moment

Where do you see yourself 3 years from now?
Hopefully a lot wiser and not any taller…

Any shout outs you’ll like to make?
Definitely, shout out to Billy, Kev, Javoe and my momma. 26S and beyond all day baby!