Position: C.E.O.
Hometown: Long Island
Age: 25

Tell us a little about your childhood?
As a kid I was big on sports and wanted to be the best at everything I did. Played ball really well through HS until I messed up my knee in the 1st game of my junior year. Music was always Something I was naturally good at but ran away from. I knew how to play the drums and guitar by ear since 13 years old. I never had to practice or anything I just had it. I hid the fact that I was very musically inclined threw most of my childhood because I didn’t think people thought it was cool.

When did you start Hip Hop SeaZon and How?
I had the idea when I turned 20 to start HHS but didn’t have the money to fund it. I did my research and sketched out the layout for a new showcase company. It wasn’t till I got into the car business as a salesman a year later when I began making the money I needed to start it up.

What inspired you to start this company?
I always wanted to create Something of value and substance that would impact the country. Once I stopped running from my music abilities I came to the realization that I was put in this world to do Something in the music world. I also learned that there’s a lot more to music business then just artist and musicians. They are execs like Mike Caren and Lyor Cohen that open up doors for talented artist to succeed. Men like that inspire me because they are making a huge impact in the music world behind the scene.

How did you feel after the end of the SeaZon 1 Showcase?
Lol I was relieved that the show went so well. I was super nervous and sweating before the show. Think I even threw up after the show too.

If you had to pick your favorite SeaZon showcase that we’ve had so far, which one would it be?
Probably Seazon 5 because it was the end of the first era and beginning of a new one. Ha Style & King Ceazar solidified their spot in the Big 3 but we needed one more face for our company. Then along came Nubia Emmon.

Out of all the artists who have came through Hip Hop SeaZon, which artist do you think will have the most success?
Lol I knew that question was coming too. I don’t believe in the whole theory that one artist is better then everyone else. I feel that there are so many different categories they all excel in. Ha Style is the best live performer we have ever seen to date. King Ceazar represent that new school wave of talent that I believe will break threw into the industry. Nubia Emmon is a talented triple threat in the R&B category. We also have strong vocalist like Diomara, Marc Hughes
and so many more I could name.

There are a few people who say Hip Hop SeaZon is a scam like the other shows in NYC that take advantage of artists. What’s your take on that?
Well everyone’s open to their opinions about the company. I’ve heard everything from we take advantage of unsigned artist to us lying about the cash prizes. One thing a lot of people didn’t know is that I actually take the cash prize out of my own pocket and give it to the winner. When we started the shows that big $3,000 cash prize came from my own bank account. The registration fees we charged the artists only covered the venue rental. So for me I have nothing to prove to anyone. I do this for the love of music and not to make money. My main source of income comes from the car business and I put it towards Hip Hop SeaZon.

Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know?
Mmmmm dang I don’t know. Oh yea, at 19 I owned a clothing store name Chapter 1. It was a huge failure but I learned a lot from it.

What is the future vision you have for Hip Hop SeaZon?
I want Hip Hop SeaZon to be the main place people can come to look for talent. One by one I hope our top artists will break through and graduate to the majors. Kinda like a hip hop university.

When the Hell are you gonna marry that great looking girlfriend of yours?
Lmao woww!!! You guys are just gonna go against the grain huh ? (August Alsina Voice) It’s gonna happen bro just wait on it.

Why do you think NYC hasn’t broken any new major artist in the recent years like ATL?
NYC has always and always will be the toughest city to make it in. I feel a lot of the people in power from the NY music scene are skeptical about allowing new school music to break threw into the mainstream. There’s still a lot of talent in NY so it has nothing to do with lack of it. They just rather play it save and let other cities break the artist then cosign after. Not to mention too that the people in NYC are the hardest to please. People are less open to change here in NY but eventually I do believe NY will rise again as the capital of hip hop.

Any shout outs you’d like to make?
Yea shout out to all the artist that’s ever done our shows, watched our videos or even logged onto our website. You guys are the reason we are growing as a company today. Also all the HHS staff.