Hometown: Bronx , NY
Age: 27
Genre: HipHop/Rap

When did you start doing Music ?
A: I started making music early 06, a friend of mine said if u wanna rap you gotta do it on this beat 1st….. “Rappers Delight” sugarHill Gang
From that point on I fell in love with constructing musician my own.

Tell us a little about your child hood?
A: Childhood wasn’t the best but I think it shaped me into who I am today…
I ain’t really know my pops until I was about 14 I mean I knew who he was but u get it….
Moms always held me down…never got tired
Gotta love momma dukes

Which artist do you share similar styles with ?
If I had to compare myself to an artist or artists I would say I feel Id have a similar style to Fabolous, JR Writer, and 50 Cent

Who’s your Rapper of all time and Why ?                                                                                                          
I gotta say hands down my favorite artist to listen to is Fabolous.

How did you feel when you won your first HHS title ?
When I won the HHS title for the first time I couldn’t even believe I came up on top of the group I was in…those dudes were fucking good artists with great songs….but I was ecstatic I almost jumped out my kicks when I heard my name the 2nd time on winning it all…
I’m still in disbelief.

Who was your Toughest competitor
At a Hip Hop Seazon Showcase And Why ?
I can’t name just one person here…
Everytime I see these names I kno I gotta bring my AAA game these guys will give u a run for your money.
Sluggo Da Don, MulaManDam, Mystro

Who’s your Celebrity Crush ?
RiRi of course but for some reason Tammy Rivera is the baddest

What was your most memorable moment at a Hip Hop Seazon Showcase ?
I would never forget the time my main man Michael chillz kicked a freestyle before the show started…THAT WAS EPIC

What do you think about the current state of Hip Hop ?
I look at hip hop like the NBA… there’s teams that will be worth watching and then teams we wouldn’t even mention…
Just like hip hop there’s dudes that I would never listen to or consider downloading a song from….then there’s the dudes that hold this culture on their backs…so I think hip hop is exactly as it should be…there’s even more opportunity for artists like me in this day and age.