On April 15th, King Ceazar released his first EP entitled “Flesscoo” and showed the world that he’s more than just a one hit wonder. He’s actually a five hit star whose even more talented than we thought. He strategically put only five songs on this EP, and they’re all radio-ready hits. He started off the project with the track that won him his first HHS Title in SeaZon 3 called “I Need it Now”. He followed up with “Bandz”, which is the single he’s best known for. The song “FLESSCOO” is the smash he debuted at SeaZon 4 and it took everyone by surprise. I remember hearing the song for the first time and thinking I was in a dream with him doing his “Whooooo” Adlib. “Neverland” is another track that is very catchy and a beat-driven hit. I must honestly say that King Ceazar isn’t your “Typical NY” MC – The first time I heard him I thought ATL or maybe Chicago. He doesn’t try to amaze his audience with his lyrics and word play like the “Typical NY” MC is trained to do. His mentality is plain and simple. And that’s making hit after hit that’s radio-ready. He’s a NY kid with a Midwest sound and a Southern mentality . It may take the NY Hip Hop community a while to buy into his music since it’s so different, but once they do like I did, they’ll be riding around town singing all his songs like I’m starting to do. Download a copy of “Flesscoo” Today on Datpiff.com. It’s free and you have nothing to lose.