In 1986, Run D.M.C shook up the world by remaking Aerosmith’s classic song “Walk this Way”. They showed us that Rock & Hip Hop are similar in many ways. The song also took their career to new heights. For the new Singer’s Paradise show, Michael Chillz decided to try something new, and incorporated a live band into the show. It was a very risky move that hadn’t been done at a HHS show but it was worth a try. He chose a young band from Brooklyn with a very original sound called Grimshaw. They opened up the show with a bang and left flames on the stage after they finished. The crowd loved their energy and sound. The band is only a year old, made up of 4 members. Lead singer John Raffa with a ground-shaking voice, Matt Donovan (the “No Shirt Bandit”) on the drums, Dave Ingrassia who is cooler than a cooler on bass, and how could we forget the “Mean Machine” Adriana Raffa on guitar. Look out for Grimshaw in future HHS shows and SeaZon Jam episodes bringing down the house.