There’s an aspect of being a great artist that many unsigned (and even signed) stars forget to master. Making a great single is only half the job of an artist when it comes to a promotional push to sell an album. The other half is the art of performing and selling your single to a live audience. Hip Hop SeaZon’s CEO Michael Chillz set up all the showcases in a way where artist are forced to step up their live performances. Having a great single that isn’t performed correctly can easily push an A&R from signing an artist to a major record deal. Our MVA artist of 2013, Ha-Style, is the finished product of what an artist will be if they stick with the HHS program. Ha-Style’s smash single Sosa wouldn’t be as good as it is if he and Skinny didn’t know how to perform. Not just going on stage and rapping the song, but really selling the message and getting viewers to buy into it. Ha-Style and Skinny proved yet again that a strong live performance does wonders by winning the Coast to Coast showcase on December16th. They made it look easy and gave their celebrity judges a taste of what a premium Hip Hop SeaZon artist looks like. They will be going to the 6th annual Coast to Coast mixer in Miami next year to compete against top talent from around the country. If I had a million dollars I would bet that they leave that big show with the 1st place prize as usual – Allllllllll Day!!!