Hip Hop SeaZon Showcase #18 was one for the record books. The Hip Hop and R&B showcase featured performances from artists representing New York City, Florida, the DMV, and a host of other states and cities. The competition was divided up into three groups, then a winner from each group was chosen, and ultimately there was one final winner of the whole competition.

First up, to warm up the crowd was E-Reign, whose high energy performance and confidence was just what the Hip Hop Seazon audience needed to get them ready for the performers who were patiently waiting for their time to hit the stage. First to perform in Group A was Mr. Blonde, representing Connecticut, with his song “Take A Seat”, which showcased his faster, unique flow. Next up was Kleva, a female emcee out of Florida who had the crowd rocking with her as she rapped about her childhood and grandmother who is battling cancer. Kleva was the first lady to represent but definitely not the last. As you’ll see, the ladies held it down with originality, lyricism and above average songwriting.

Overall, the artists in Group A delivered and left it all on the stage. Standout performers included Emperor MC out of Jersey, Big Dev out of North Carolina and Marv. P out of Virginia. The Firing Squad, from the DMV, also impressed by engaging the crowd in their turned up performance.

Once Group A wrapped up, it was time for performers in Group B to take the stage. Young Squalla from Maryland had great energy, while K. Burns out of Brooklyn performed “Can’t Miss A Lick”, and ode to putting in work in order to earn a living. Crowd favorites and Hip Hop Seazon 15 champs, Ave Boyz representing the Bronx, were also top contenders in Group B.

Props are in order to C.O.N. from Upstate New York, who did a really good job (considering it was his first time performing in front of a live audience), and was one of the more thoughtful lyricists of the group. However, it was songstress Suzann Christine singing a song about police brutality and unity, who shined the brightest out of everyone in Group B.

After a brief intermission that included a cypher, it was time for the final group of performers to take their shot at the $1,000 cash prize. Although artists in the last and final group gave it their all, there were a few who stood out from the rest. With a Caribbean vibe, Chris Matic added diversity and won over the crowd, while HHS 17 champ, She Real performed a show stopping song that paid tribute to a Bad Boy classic.

Ultimately, it was Group B competitor and Philly’s own Suzann Christine who took home the grand prize thanks to her incredible vocals and captivating stage presence. Suzanne has been making a name for herself on the independent circuit for some time now, putting out her soulful songs via the internet and performing at live shows. View her latest video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8oh3yjRV9Q and keep up to date with her at www.suzannchristine.com.

– David Nazario