The future of HHS brightens every year since the start of the company in 2013. After sitting with the CEO Michael Chillz he confirmed that big changes are coming slated for 2018. Chillz plans on moving HHS into it’s first official home in Queens NY by building HHS Studios. The commercial space is set to hold a multi room studio, performance venue and a offices all in one place. “It’s going to be a like a community center for talented unsigned artist in our program. Giving them space to perfect their craft and our staff more time to connect with the artist outside the shows.” Chillz answers. He clearly plans on dedicating himself and his staff 100% into the brand. Hip Hop Seazon has slowly grew to become America’s Best unsigned Hip Hop & R&B showcase but now the company is striving be the #1 Hip Hop company period. “All our content is original an we don’t publish mainstream hip hop content and news like others. We are creating our own world that blocks out whatever’s is going on outside. Our focus is only talented indie artist that are home grown into our program. Eventually we hope that over time our underground context because the mainstream content people are talking about”- Chillz continued. His ambitious goal to be the source and not be featured on it seems farfetched to people who don’t know him. But he is determined to strive and do things his way and no other. As HHS approaches the start of the 2017 Seazon “Growth” is the word stapled in the staffs mind. Then set up a take over for 2018.