In 2015 the music industry is continuing to see a shift in power between artist signed to major labels and Independent artists. With the huge decline in physical album sales and popularity of streaming companies, major labels just aren’t making the type of money they use to make in the 00s. They are still trying to keep up with the new trends in technology that allow consumers to get the music they want for free. This has lead to the steep decline on how much labels are spending on their artist and how many new acts they sign for the year. So what happens to all the new talented artist on their radar who are talented enough to get signed? Well, the answer is nothing. If the labels aren’t generating enough revenue they are less likely to sign new acts to a lucrative deal. Instead they invest what they have in sure bet artist who have already proven to be profitable. Occasionally you’ll have the single gold rush artist like Bobby Shmurda and Post Malone who’s song some how catches flames on the internet they will go for. But what happens to the other hundred thousands of indie artist that has single’s just as good ? The ones that are just as talented if not more than the ones with just one hot single? Basically they are forced to build their brand just like a new start up company and no loan. That’s the task Indie artist are forced to face everyday. Some fall between the cracks and stop doing music all together. Or occasionally they’ll pop up to perform for a season and disappear again. But Why ? Although many artist think they can’t reach their goals unless they’re signed by a big shot label its not true at all. Building their band as an Indie artist is the best investment they can make. How you ask ? Because They are FREE. There’s none to tell them when they can put out new music or telling you what to name their album. There’s none giving them allowance on how much they are allowed to spend on their next project. There’s none picking the first single for their upcoming project and telling them when it will be released. They’re FREE!! Now I know your thinking “What’s this guy talking about ? They’re still Broke” Yes they are broke but your not in dept. A record deal is a loan from a label that’s goes towards what ever it takes to make an artist successful . As soon as they sign that contract they’re in debt. It’s like when you buy your first house with a 720 credit score and it drops before you even start making payments on it to a 690. I personally look at an indie artist as student on a full scholarship with free room and board. The task for them is getting their grades up and keeping it there. Major artist are like kids with rich parents who can afford to pay for everything. My point is as an Indie artist it’s going to be very tough and probably ten times tougher than a major. But if they take the time to build their brand and break through , they won’t owe anyone anything. Everything they earned from day one is 100% theirs and none can take that away. So on my eyes Indie artist are winning. If Indie artist only supported each other there wouldn’t even be a Major. Their stories will inspire others more since the majority can relate to them. Hip Hop & R&B started in the underground and is coming back to the underground.

– Adam Wright