There has been many rumors about HHS teaming up or joining with a larger well know company. It all started in early 2014 with talks of working under Universal. Then in 2015 there has been back and forth meetings with BET in regards to creating a reality show. Earlier this year another opportunity came for an underground documentary for Viceland. For some reason these conversations never got past the first stages. From the outside looking in it seems that things just didn’t mesh between both parties. But in reality there’s a lot more to the story. HHS’s CEO Michael Chillz has been adamant on staying independent. While most owners would jump at the opportunity to work with any large well know company, Chillz respectfully listens to their offer and respectfully shoots them down. Is he crazy ? Or is he just plain stupid ? It seems to be neither. “HHS is all about celebrating talented indie artist. We praise our champions and spread their music to the outside world. For us to conform and join forces with anyone else to grow quicker goes against everything we stand for.” Chillz says. “For us we don’t strive to be featured on any network or Source. We push to be the source and create a bigger world for Indie artist on our own.”Chillz continues. His theory is that the only people HHS will ever be interested in teaming up with is Independent artist. Some of the staff at HHS staff and his friends have questioned his theory of standing alone. But Chillz still sticks to his code that “Indie We Stand, United we fall”. Even without financial backing from larger companies HHS is continuing to grow at a steady rate. The talent level is also continuing to grow as well at the shows. It reminds me of the old saying that says “Slow & Steady wins the race”. It may take more time and be a lot harder to achieve. But at the end it will all be worth it.

– Tasha Gray