Hometown: Bronx, NY
Age: 18
Genre: Hip Hop

When did you start doing Music?
I started doing music since i was younger like 8, but i took it serious at the age of 15.

Tell us a little about your childhood?
As a child – idk – I was always the kid that people liked i had a lot of friends and everybody was always with me … i use to live uptown white plains they called me young ceazar , that is my original home place. I use to dance before a dance called ‘getting lite’ thats what got me popular in school and all the girls wanted me , they use to say i was born to entertain.

Which artist do you share similar styles with?
idk , I don’t really think i do but i like wiz khalifa and 50 cent, some people say i look like wiz and i sound like future a lil bit….but i don’t think any really.

Who’s your Favorite rapper of all time and Why?
My favorite of all time would be tupac, yeah tupac cause one day he came to me in a dream and i heard its rare if u dream about him but he spoke some real words to me that changed my life that day … and put me in this position i want to be in.

How did you feel when you won your first HHS title?
Man, I could not believe it , look over the footage i was in shock…its like all ya hard work and time spent goes into something you know…and you just don’t ever give up.

Who was your Toughest competitor
At a Hip Hop Seazon Showcase And Why?

My toughest would be my self , cause i had the mind set on just being the best me i can be, and being better each time i came back.

Who’s your celebrity Crush?
Ahh man teyana taylor , wordd one day i am going to meet her…take her out to eat or something lmao no lie

What was your most memorable moment at a Hip Hop Seazon Showcase?
Most memorable would be when Ha-style and Skinny got up on that speaker and bugged out, everyone was going crazy

Where do you see yourself 3 years from now?
3 years from now I am the success of my thoughts ,so in my penthouse studio recording some new flavor for my fans and giving back to my community, reaching out to the fans, grammys, awards, shows overseas all that.

Any shout outs you’ll like to make?
Shout out to my mom , my dad free will hold your head my whole family, my friends … God and my lost ones, #DonnyWorld