Hip Hop Seazon would like to introduce our new host Omar OC Cambell – “The LI Breed”. The Jamaican-born comedian made his mark on the Rookie of the Year Volume 2 Show and left the crowd in tears from laughing so hard. He turned the #1 Competitive Open Mic into a party by interacting well with the crowd and keeping everybody involved. After getting the same result at the Rookie of the Year Volume 3 Show, it was evident that he was the man for the job.

“I will be bringing vibrant vibes with a positive energy to encourage each artist and respect everybody’s talent while we all head for success in the very near future,” he says.
His ability to improvise and control the feel of the show brings a new life to the show that’s sure to keep everyone entertained.

“I’m very honored to be selected to be the new face as the host and comedian for HHS … I will prosper for perfection in every direction that I head with HHS. I will do what it takes to keep us the number one talent showcase in the world!”

Come watch him do what he does best – and that’s make you laugh!