There were some who said Hip Hop SeaZon is biased for only picking a small number of artist to appear in their big showcases they have six times a year. Well, now all that is about to change. Indalab Record’s Eriegn and Michael Chillz sat down to create a competitive open mic that’s open to all artists. The best part about Rookie of the Year is that it’s absolutely free to perform. This show will be hosted once a month at the Nuyorican Cafe. It consists of live performances, ciphers and jokes from the one and only Young Kruz. The concept for Rookie of the Year is to create a fun music gym for Artists to scrimmage their skills once a month. Maybe I’ll even come into the cipher and spit some hot fire – you never know!! Although the show is an open mic, the Hip Hop SeaZon staff will be there to recruit some talent for the big showcases. After each show, the host will announce the Rookie of the Year who displayed the best performance and skill. That rookie gets a free slot into a SeaZon showcase, free agent profile on the website and a live interview on the next promo video. So, if you want to earn a free slot in the next big showcase, this is the place to be every single month.