As the company continues to expand month by month, they may just crack the safe with this one. HHS has announced that they will be introducing their very first show, entitled “SeaZon Jam”. Hosted by Young Cruz, this show will feature live performances, Video premieres, live interviews and hot mixing sessions by DJ Paco. What’s great about this show is that it will only feature artists who have done Hip Hop SeaZon shows. HHS is on the brink of creating a community that distinguishes itself from the mainstream and only celebrates its artists. This setup truly benefits up-and-coming artists looking for their big break. HHS has set it up so both talented artists and the company can break through together. In the words on Michael Chillz, “Sometimes it take a Village to send a message to the people in power,” which is very true. There are several examples in Hip Hip History where it took a movement to change the culture. Hip Hop itself started as a movement. SeaZon Jam is going to be the show worth watching if you want to know who’s who in the HHS community and who’s on the rise. Most of all, Young Kruz will entertain you to tears of laughter (as usual).