Watch out American Idol, there’s a knew home for talented singers to go to and call home. With the grand opening of the “Rookie of the Year” critics have been asking “What about the singers ?” It’s a clear fact that great singers are in high demand right now, maybe even more than rappers. So where are all the singers ??? The ratio of rappers to singing free agents that came threw the HHS program has been greatly lopsided. By how much you ask ? Try 70 to 30% in favor of rappers. With Singers Paradise HHS looks to reach the artist they couldn’t reach before that didn’t feel comfortable in a predominantly hip hop environment. This show even opens up the doors for other genres like, Jazz, Opera, Pop and Soul Singers. Headlined by Nubia Emmon from TX, Marc Hughes from Mississippi and One of a Kind member C.P. From Brooklyn this show will always be entertaining. So look out for Singer Paradise at the Vibe Lounge in Rockville Centre coming soon.