New York City in every right is the birth place of Hip Hop and helped spread the genre to the rest of the world. For most people who live outside the city are familiar with Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island. But there’s a place that some call “The 6th Borough” that has been low key yet very relevant in Hip Hop’s history. Long Island is made up of two counties located right outside of Queens. The area has brought forth some notable artist that played a key role in the growth of the genre. Names like EPMD, Rakim, Busta Rymes and Public Enemy are a few examples of talent that sprouted from Long Island. Since Busta Rymes broke in the 90’s there’s been a long drought that plagued the Island until now. There’s a new dynamic duo that has sprouted out of the island named Mula and Casso. The producer Casso cooks ups futuristic beats and Mula eats it all up. It’s a match made in heaven like Gucci Mane and Zaytoven. These child hood friends have created a sound that gives Long Island new life. They were first introduced in HHS’s Rookie of the Year. Mula’s creative performances began to stand out more and more until he won the Vol 25 Open Mic. Moving into the Seazon 24 Showcase Casso & Mula layed out their best creation yet called “It’s Lit”. Mula may just be the best artist from Long Island to ever touch an HHS stage. His charisma and stage presence is off the charts. The song has began to buzz on sound cloud and the indie circuit. Their single “It’s Lit” is very catchy and will keep you moving your head straight through. These two give hope to an island that has been forgot about for years. Check out the single below.

Mula “It’s Lit” Produced by Casso