Hometown: Austin, TX
Age: 19
Genre: R&B / Hip Hop / Pop

When did you start doing Music?
I started singing by the time I was 3. Holding a tune and keeping a beat. But I knew that I wanted to seriously pursue a music career by the time I hit middle school.

Tell us a little about your childhood?
I come from a very musical family—I am the distant cousin of Mahalia Jackson and my father grew up performing in a family R&B band along with his brothers and sisters and my Mom occasionally sang back up in my dads band, so I was always around music. I started singing by the time I was 3 and at 7 I formed my first group – “5BC”, (5 Best Cousins) and we sang and performed dance routines I choreographed at family events and various school talent shows. By 7th grade, 5BC had dissolved but I continued singing and grew to love songwriting. Music has always been a part of me.

Which artist do you share similar styles with?
It is a mixture of different artist such as Rita Ora and Rihanna, a little funk and edge. The elegance of Beyonce and occasionally Janell Monet, I love dress pants and bow ties.

Who’s your Favorite singer of all time and Why?
I actually have a lot of favorite singers, but one of my favorites would have to be Beyonce. Her voice is so powerful and what she is capable of doing with it is amazing. I admire her voice, a lot.

How did you feel when you won you Hip Hop Seazon title?
It was a bittersweet moment. I was excited and surprise all at the same time. Beyond happy to be the first female and out of the R&B category! I represented for Texas!

Who was your Toughest competitor
At a Hip Hop Seazon Showcase and Why?

I don’t remember the gentleman’s name but he had a back up singer and I think a dancer as well, but that guy was simply amazing. Best unsigned male act I’ve seen in a long time that really had control of the crowd the way he did, I’d love to work with him as well.

Who’s your celebrity Crush?
I actually don’t have a celebrity crush, I’m too busy and focused on my music for a crush.

What was your most memorable moment at a Hip Hop Seazon Showcase?
My most memorable moment at the Hip Hop Seazon Showcase would have been when I stood on stage and told everybody I was from Austin, Texas. To see their expressions was priceless but I know I gave a show that they would never forget.

Where do you see yourself 3 years from now?
In three years from now I see myself still succeeding and furthering my music career but on a different level. I want to be a world class performer and a house hold name. I see myself moving into an executive position and furthering my other desires such as the Nubia Emmon Foundation and many more things.

Any shout outs you’ll like to make?
I would like to shout out my whole team, we make things happen and keep the ball rolling no matter what. And also to my lovely mother I know she is no longer with me and my family anymore but I know she is very proud of me and who I am becoming.