Our First Lady Nubia Emmon continues on her journey to stardom and to show the world why she’s ready. In addition to headlining shows in her hometown of Austin, Texas and NYC she has now invaded Atlanta, GA. After winning the Bar Exam competition there and being the first woman to ever do so, she was called back to headline the show with her band. Yes people, Nubia has a band. It was put together by her father, Karriem Williams Sr. and these guys are good. When you’re a triple threat like Nubia and have your own band the sky is the limit. Not too many talented singers are well rounded with such a strong support system behind them. Nubia has also released her video for the song “Hooked on Your Love”, which was also shot in Atlanta. The video shows Nubia in a therapy session talking about her relationship with a guy who play games with her. Yet she is still hooked on his love no matter how bad he treats her. What guy in the right mind would do that to Nubia ?? You can check it out on YouTube and Subscribe to her page. (( Nubia Emmon Official ))