There’s no secret that the most popular song in HHS history is Ha-Style Feat. Skinny with “Sosa”, and that these guys are the best performers we have ever seen. It’s very hard to stand still when Ha-Style hits the stage and sets it off. The one thing he was missing was a strong music video to reflect the craze that went on when they performed. Well, on April 26th all that changed and they released a LEGENDARY “Sosa” Music Video. What’s great about this video is there’s no money being thrown around, No girls dancing around naked and no exotic cars that regular people can’t afford. It’s just raw street and stage footage. The video was shot and directed by our very own Roberto Garcia. He really captured that “Sosa dance” I am still trying to learn. The Highlighted parts from the video – like when Skinny shoots himself in slow motion – made the video epic. For those who are wondering what in the world “Sosa” is ?? … Yeah, so am I. I guess it’s goods or drugs that we shouldn’t have in the first place. There were also some very familiar cameos in the video, including Michael Chillz, King Ceazar and E Reign. It was kinda funny watching Michael do the “Sosa Dance” – I never knew he had it in him! All in all it’s a great video and my vote for video of the year!!