Kid Trunks

“…he told me if I get tattoos on my face and I rap I would become lit”. And that’s how Kid Trunks career as a rapper began, thanks to this advice from his friend and mentor, the late XXXTentacion. When the two met, Kid Trunks was the victim of bullying due to his small frame and ethnicity in a predominantly black neighborhood. Since that time, Kid Trunks has erupted onto the South Florida rap scene as an emerging Soundcloud rapper with a concise but captivating style. The self proclaimed “greatest Asian rapper alive” demands respect with tracks like “IDK” and “Not Legal” which both have over 450k streams on SoundCloud. Although he’s still honing in on his craft and developing his sound, time is on this 18 year olds side as he attempts to fill the big shoes his mentor left behind him.

-By Jon Tre (@Jon.Tre.3)