For those who still think of the DMV as a place you renew your license it’s time to reevaluate your mindset. The District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia is becoming a breeding ground for talented Ladies in Hip Hop. Although all these women are from the same area they all have a different sound that makes it hard to pin point where they come from. You can tell when a top Femcee like She Real gets on the Mic to rhyme she’s most likely from NY. But when you hear someone like Domofdadistrict perform live she’ll leave you scratching your head thinking maybe she’s from ATL or Miami. What makes the DMV ladies special is how they create their own style and sound nothing alike. Going back to #2 HHS Ranked Domofdadistrict for instance. Her style is completely unorthodox. She raps in cursive and has so much charisma when you see her live. On the other side of the spectrum you have DC artist like Ace Reign and Byrd who are straight spitters. These two can go bar for bar with the the best of them. There’s also middle ground artist like Che Che the Motivator and Yonniemckfly that bring their own charisma and will impress you with their flow. The beauty in the variety is what’s helping the DMV area make noise on the 2016 Hip Hop Scene. Picture this in HHS 3 years history there has been many DMV artist making a name for themselves. In the HHS Top10 W Hip Hop Ranking half of the artist on there are from where ? You guessed it the DMV! If that’s not enough dominance for you take this as a bonus. There’s only one artist on the Rankings from NY and only one from Atlanta. So if your looking for Hip Hop Queens turn your ears to the DMV!