There’s no doubt that crews like Run DMC, A Tribe Called Quest and NWA helped make Hip Hop the popular genre it is today. Having your friend (or friends) with you on stage with you can take your performance to new heights. It also keeps artist sharp and on their toes since they have someone by them working with them to achieve the same success. Here at HHS there’s been a surge of talented groups who have taken over showcases with their great chemistry. Starting with the the SeaZon 1 Champs One of a Kind, who were the first to win it all and show us that there’s strength in numbers. Since they won it in June of 2013 we had to wait 2 whole years in SeaZon 15 before we saw another group win a title. On the 2 year anniversary, the Ave Boyz from the Bronx NY broke the dry spell in dramatic fashion. Followed by Trigga Obama and OG Skully from Indian in SeaZon 16. Now we are blessed to see these two groups go head to head in SeaZon 18 and beyond. The Ave Boyz bring that classic gritty NY sound while Obama and Skully bring that Midwest trap sound. Both crews are very in sync and can tear down any stage. On the come up, crews like Tha Firing Squad from the DMV and Vice from DC keep us hungry for more talented groups. Get familiar with these groups and remember, you heard it here first.