The Queen MC She Real has blessed us all for the new year like she always does with a new mixtape. She really let us into her past and her present state of mind with this project. With a new flurry of producers she help bring back the gritty positive 90s feel. What makes She Real so Real is how direct she speaks every time she raps. She doesn’t rap in circles or try to spit bars that fly over your head. She’s sits ever word right in your lap so you can catch it, see it and understand it. The Harlem native had few bangers on their like “My City” Feat Sloppy Joe and “Party” feat Cash Sinatra. “Party” also including Dj Stew cutting through the track which made it very innovative. RHHSE3 also has strong story lines where the queen hits current subjects hard backed by skits that bridged her train of though from one song to the next. This project is a lot more than a mixtape because it’s well thought out and takes you on a roller coaster around her mind. She left enough food for the thought to last us a full year until she drops her next project. If you never hear of She Real before let me try my best to describe her. The soul of Lauren Hill, shined with MC Lyte speaking Queen Latifah’s gospel. Put it all together and what do you get ?? She Real!

Check out her latest project below RHHSE3.

‐ Tasha Gray