In 2014 the hip hop scene has changed dramatically. The old days of sending your demos to record labels and A&Rs won’t work anymore. Even the days of ‘knowing someone who knows someone’ won’t cut it in today’s tough market.

We created this season for talented artists like you who are trying to land a major deal but haven’t had the opportunity to be heard.

This is the Hip Hop NCAA tournament that brings forth hip hops’s next future star. This is your gym.

We take away the burden of looking and chasing a record deal by creating a place where the deal will come to you if you do well. No more looking for A&Rs to discover you. All you have to worry about is showing what you can do on stage every Star Case. If you can come out on top of our Star Cases, then you’ll stand front and center with every major record label in the country. We guarantee it.

5 Things We’re Looking For

  • Beat Selection – Pick a beat that will get the crowd moving and focused on you
  • Hook – A catchy chorus is what separates a hit from just another song
  • Signature Style – A superstar has his own style that cannot be duplicated
  • Performance – Make sure you put thought into your performance. A good song can turn bad if your performance isn’t entertaining
  • Movement – Movement is one of the most important thing an upcoming artist needs to have. The more supporters you bring with you the better chance you’ll have of winning the showcase

Our goal here is simply to put out as many unsigned artist as possible into the industry. We are not here for fame or a piece of you signing check. We find our success by putting you into the industry like a university.

Success and the chance of a lifetime will be knocking at your door. In this Star Case you’ll be competing against the best of the best unsigned artist from all over the country. Rising to the top of our SeaZon and claiming the HHS title will catapult your name into the music industry. Our motto here is “Don’t say you’re the best – prove it.”


  • One track per artist
  • Only one hype man is allowed on stage
  • Entry fee must be given ahead of showcase and is non-refundable
  • Artist must show up on time for 7:00pm check-in
  • No throwing money into the crowd
  • Must be an original song
  • No booing any performers

Make a Submission

Rookie Of The Year #52: Kkimmestry

Hip Hop SeaZon #36: Kkimmestry

HHS’s 5 Year anniversary Showcase was everything we expected it to be and more. The company’s growth and talent development was on full display with the combination of old faces and new faces. Michael Chillz opened up the show with his with another freestyle of the top with DJ Paco. This loosened up the crowd and set the show off on a very high note. In Group A there were many new talented artist. Although they all did a great job the HHS veteran Mono from the BX has to show them how it’s done. He performed his single “Options” and took control of the group with Ease. Mono has places at HHS 3 times prior to this showcase. In group B all eyes were places on two artist. Jack Nasty from the Harlem who performed a strong single called “Hov Talk” and HHS 34 champion Kkimmestry from Jersey. The section looked like it belonged to Jack until Kkimmestry closed out the group with arguably the best performance at HHS EVER!! “Really ?” You say ? Yes really. Kkimmestry put on a Grammy level performance that featured her friend/partner taking part in the performance as a slave owner. Now group C was the toughest group of the showcase with Mason, BossDon Milli & Rookie of The Year Champ Jah Bless. Jah’s catchy song “Tabanka” took everyone on a trip to Jamaica and helped him edge out the former champs in group C. At the end of all the performance it was already clear who would be taking home that HHS title. Kkimmestry performance was not only very in symbolic in the way she played the slave/Artist being told what to do. It showed that being independent and free is the way to go as she took control of her speech and pushed the Master away. The thought and the practice repetition that went into Kkimmestry performance was amazing. Most of all it reflected clearly well that night. Her creative thinking once again helped Kkimm grab her second HHS title. With this win Kkimmestry has Big3 bells ringing in her favor for next year. She has also moved passed the HHS Legend She Real in the Top10 W Hip Hop rankings and not sits on the thrown. Come see what she’ll do next at the SeaZon 37 showcase in Oct.

Hip Hop SeaZon #35: Jennifair

Hip Hop SeaZon 35’s PayDay showcase was a Vibe with wings. The show began with the DMV‘s own Ha Style receiving an HHS Legend award for his impact at HHS. Queens bred GQ also made is first Big3 performance as he now replaces SluggoDaDon in the 2018 Big3. Group A was a breeze for Long Island’s own Ant Pablo. His high energy performance had him walking the bar with no shirt on and dancing on people’s drinks. Pablo may by small in height but he’s big when it comes down to killing the stage. Group B was easily the toughest group of the night. It came down to a chess match between Ya Boi Bron, Domofdadistrict and new comer JenniFair from Chicago. Jenn’s acoustic version of “Pick Up Lines” left the crowd in aww as she surfed our eardrums with ease. Her voice alone helped her rise over the section. In Group C the Bronx heavy hitter IC Balla and Young K dueled for supremacy. Young Ks crowd control helped her edge out the Balla and win her group. With Ant Pablo, JenniFair and YoungK left on stage the trophy could have went either way. There was just something about the Acoustic version of “Pick Up Lines” that helped Jenn Win the crowd over as soon as she sang her first note. Jennifair from Chicago became the new HHS35 Champion. Her distinctive voice can calm down and sooth an angry lion in the jungle. Jenn moved to NYC to chase a career on music a few years back and she’s finally starting to pick up the momentum she need to break into the mainstream. After her stellar performance she has moved right into the Top10 R&B Rankings at the #5 spot. Look out for Jenn at the SeaZon 36 showcase in June as she goes for a second title.

Hip Hop Seazon #34: IC Balla

This Year's HHS March Madness was all that and three bags of chips. Michael Chillz spearheaded the show by doing another epic freestyle to set the tone. This was also the debut headlining show for MulaManDam & Jazzmyn Red. Group A went first and boy was it an onslaught. The Bronx native who also placed in the past showcase IC Balla came out with guns blazing. The smoke he left on the stage from all the cooking he did covered up all the artist in the section. In Group B it looked like the Bronx would run the table on paper at least. With Ya Boi Bron & Young K in the group most expected them to lead the way. Instead a new comer named Locus from Baltimore came out strong to make his presence felt. It would have been all his if C.a.m didn't bring his hit single "Blame" to flame up the stage. C.A.M was the previous month's Open Mic winner and won the group with the same song on the main stage. In Group C it was the ladies that went to work. It was stand off between D.C.'s Songstress Janea Music & the defending champion Kkimmestry from Jersey. Kkimmestry creative was at an all time high as usual but Janea's "Kickin Thru The Door" single performed to perfection was just too much. With IC , C.a.m & Janea left on stage it was a strong winners circle. The HHS title was risen and went to IC BALLA from the Bronx NY. IC placed in the last two showcase and really made it count this third time around. His hard work and dedication he's put in since he entered the program back in SeaZon 20 finally paid off. IC has always been one of the top artist in the program but now he has the hardware to show it. WeTheWest now has brought home three titles to the Bronx between Piff, Bron and now the Balla!

Hip Hop SeaZon #33: Kkimmestry

Hip Hop SeaZon 33 was the first showcase of the 2018 SeaZon and boy was it a sight to see. The show began with SluggoDaDon being honored with the HHS legend award for his epic performances during the 2017 SeaZon . Sluggo is slated to be the main face of the 2018 Big3 with the loss of Suzann Christine and She Real in the showcases. Group A was a layup for IC Balla from the Bronx who went "All In" like his single and ran the section. Although GQ did have a solid performance which also got a great response. In Group B it was all about the Bronx. Young K and Ya Boi Bron slugged it out till the very end. While most ppl though Bron would deliver it was actually Young K who had the knock out punch. Her crafty wordplay and stage presence helper her edge out Bron to win the section. Now Group C was easily the toughest group of the night. It was a Royal Rumble with Va Ni Ty, Jayomega, Piff, BossDon and MulaManDam killing the stage. But the highlight of the night came with Kkimmestry turning the HHS into her playground with her own rules. She took Michael Chillz's notable "Garbage Can Game" and made it her own. As she was performing she had ppl from the crowd shooting a paper balls into a can on her command. The Idea was not only epic it was original and never done by an artist before. Talk about "Differenttttt". Kkim left Chillz stunned and had more than enough crowd participation to help her win her first HHS title. Kkimmestry is a talented Soul driven MC from Jersey that's in a lane of her own. Her creativity, lyricism and stage presence make you pay attention when she performs. She became the first woman since She Real in 2016 to win an HHS title. Look out for her on March 26th as she defends the crown at March Madness!

Hip Hop Seazon #32: Hatty Maines

Hip Hop Seazon 32 was an epic close out of the 2017 Seazon. This show featured 7 former champions, The Big3 and special guest Yvng Swag. With the los​s​ of the legendary host Young Kruz HHS C.E.O Michael Chillz lead the charge with his suede shoes and killed it. In Group A it was a tug of war between the HHS 28 Champ BossDon Milli and the former open mic winner Hatty Maines from Jersey. Hatty's signature beer shower and new hot single helped edge him ahead and win the group. In B Young K got very creative with a skit in between her performance where she was arrested on stage. The group was all but won until IC came on and dropped a high energy smash called all in that helped him clear Young K. Group C was easily the ​t​oughest section of the night. This group had MulaManDam, Ya Boi Bron and GQ who all killed their set. ​But​ it was a surprise performance from a new comer from Jersey named KKimmestry that edged her named in the walls with a soulful set. With Hatty, IC, and Kkimmestry left standing it was still something about bear showers that stuck in our minds. Hatty Maines was crowned the new HHS Champion and was elated by the win. Hatty has been been working hard in the Open Mic and worked his way up from the bottom of the program to the Top 10 Rankings. He's also the first artist from New Jersey to win an HHS title believe it or not. He will be defending his title at Seazon 33's "New Wave" Showcase in January 2018!! Will he go back to Back??

Hip Hop Seazon #31: Ya Boi Bron

SeaZon 31 marked the end of the the legendary host Kruz role as the host at HHS and a tough loss to the company. But like they say in the show biz "The Show must go on" and it did. Michael Chillz stepped in and kept the show lit on the road. This showcase brought back a lot of familiar names and faces who were looking to move up the ranks. Group A was the strongest group of the night with a 3 man showdown between Hatty Maines, Swaggtana and Ya Boi Bron. Hatty showered himself with beer, Swagg had people singing along but Ya Boi Bron brought out the yellow tape. Literally!! He tapped off the stage in crime scene tape, stepped on stage and killed group A. In Group B Jersey's top MC Mason and BossDon Milli went head to head. Mason's clever opening freestyle gave him the edge he needed to pass the hit making Boss and win the group. Group C looked like an easy sweep for MulaManDam or PiFF before the show but Jam Young edged them both out with a strong performance. Jam has been grinding for years in the Open Mics and finally made his presence felt on the main stage. With Bron, Mason and Jam left on stage the HHS trophy could have went either way. It was the night before Halloween and the judges happened lean towards the stone cold killer Ya BOI Bron!! Did I mention he brought yellow tape to the stage ??? The thought process and creativity behind his performance gave him the edge over everyone. It showed he was working and preparing to make the stage his own. He did that and won his first HHS Title that night. Bron is one of the rising stars in the program and made his presence felt before this win. All this Title did was solidify the hard work his has placed in his craft over the past year.

Hip Hop Seazon #30: MulaManDam

Hip Hop SeaZon 30 was packed with familiar names going for the HHS Title. This show also began to shape up the 2018 Big 3 race. In Group A Jazzmyn Red made a nice impression in her debut on the main stage. This true MC from Boston ran into two brick walls in Piff and BossDon who took charge of the section. BossDon's flawless finished helped him edge out Piff at the end. Group B was a clean sweep for Long Island's own MulaManDam. He did have slight resistance from Lucy putting in for Detroit but the Long Island prodigy was just too much. In Group C some new faces from Long Island in Diva Nation who made a splash. This trio of young ladies put their voices on display singing a cappella before performing their hot single. It seemed like the section was theirs until Ya Boi Bron from the BX brought the Zoo stage. Having some of his boys with monkey masks on helped take his performance to another level. His creative thinking helped him edge out Diva Nation and win the group. With BossDon, MulaManDam and Bron left standing on stage the title could have went anyway. The HHS 30 title went tooooooo MulaManDam!!! Mula's crowd engagement has reached an all time high like the lights of Sluggodadon. With this being his second HHS title he has locked up his chances of make the 2018 Big 3.

Hip Hop Seazon 29: SWAGGTANNA

Hip Hop SeaZon 29 marked HHS's 4 Year Anniversary since the company's first show in back 2013. The growth in artist talent level over the years was very evident in this show. This show brought back six returning HHS champions all looking to capture their second title. In Group A two young rookie spitters went head to head and lead the way. Black Sinatra from Buffalo NY came out shooting. Just when it look like group was his Ya Boi Bron from the Bronx hammered down his hot single to steal and win his section. In Group B most thought PiFF or Mystro would easily come out with the win. It wasn't until Sluggo's right hand man Swaggtanna performed his single "It Is What it Is" that people looked at Swagg in a different light. His performance woke everyone up in Group B with the catchy chorus and saucy lyrics. He was the clear cut winner in his section. In group C the returning champion Boss Don Milli performed "Check" and reminded every why he was the current HHS Champion. When it was all said and done with Bron, Swagg and Boss Milli left on the stage the title went to....... Swaggtanna from Queens NY. Swagg came right off his win at the Rookie Open Mic to the main stage and won again. Swagg has been in the HHS program for 2 years but didn't really start standing out until now. With Sluggo's backing Swagg is coming into his own as an artist and really knows how to shake a crowd. Look out for all the juggernauts to come back on Aug 28th for the "SeaZon Jam" showcase. That show should heat up the summer.

Hip Hop Seazon 28: Bossdon Milli

Hip Hop SeaZon 28 was truly a clash of the titans. This show was stacked with four past HHS champions and three Open Mic winners in the showcase line up. There was no telling who would be holding up the trophy at the end of the night. In group A the BX's own IC Balla, Turbeazy from Long Island and new comer Michael Fiya lead the way. Michael's flawless performance and free-styling ability helped him edge him ahead and win the section. Fiya shined in the HHS Cypher and made it his own. Group B was easily the strongest of the night. It featured Ya Boi Bron, Derek J, Bossdon Milli & of course HHS #2 Ranked Mulamandam from Long Island. To most it seems like Mula would end up taming the group and stand out the most. That all changed when Bossdon Milli painted pictures with his verses and added some sauce to it. Boss made his name in the Open Mics earlier in the year. This was his first time on the main stage and he showed out to out shine Mulamandam. In group C it was packed with champions in GQ, Present Burna and the returning champion PiFF from the Bronx. After PiFF's performance he left no doubt that he was much more than a one hit wonder. His single "Flex" was flawless and may have easily be the best track of the night. With Michael Fiya, Bossdon and PiFF left standing it was a toss up on who would be the new champion. "The new HHS title goes tooooo............... BossDon Milli!!!!" said Michael Chillz. Boss's vivid delivery really sets him apart from most artist. His clean single "Blind" made it known that we need to pay attention to him as an artist. Come see him the defend his title on June 26th for the HHS 4 year anniversary showcase.

Hip Hop SeaZon 27: PIFF

SeaZon 27's "March Madness" was everything it was advertised to be and more. This show included 4 returning champions in MulaManDam, Mystro, Present Burna and GQ going for their second title. There's was also a new wave of Rookies who came looking to stamp their names into the program. In Group A the cool spitting rookie winner from Buffalo NY Derek J made it known that he was there to win. He performed his song "Gin" which also did damage at the Open Mic and won group A. In group B it was a three way tussle between Bostonpauly, Solis & MulaManDam. The fast spitting Solis's flow squeezed him into winning group. The Jersey MC showed off his wordplay a capella to grab the crowds attention. Now in Group C the most recent rookie Open Mic winner PIFF from the BX stole the show. He performed his single "Lit" which is a catchy NY underground banger. The song brought back that 90s head bop as PIFF laid the bars down like cement. When the madness was over the BX MC won his first HHS title. His crew "WeTheWest" which included Ya Boi Bron, IC Balla and Mono are not new to HHS at all. They grinned for a year in the Open Mic circuit, won a few and now are making the their presence felt on the main stage. Check out his latest single "Lit" and come see PIFF defend his title on May 22nd.

Hip Hop SeaZon #26: GQ

Hip Hop SeaZon 26 was the first showcase of 2017 and boy was it great. This showcase brought back former champs like Sluggo, Mula , Mystro and Present Burna all going for the Win. In group A was a very strong and included Sluggo, Mystro and Sindigo. Surprisingly it was a fresh face named Sheavy Langz that came out the group with the win. In group B it was another fresh face Open Mic winner that ran the group named Magniff. The Queens native made his presence felt for his debut on the main stage. In group C it was a fist fight between HHS 25 champ Mula and another fresh face from Queens named GQ. Mula as usual put on one hell of a show but GQ's powerful single called "MyCity" set him apart. The song spoke about current events that are effect every American today. It was a risk to even do a slow temple song like that but GQ's gamble panned out well and earned him his first HHS Title. His family embraced on the stage after he was announced as the new champion with joy. GQ has a was of delivering his verses in a way that makes you believe every word he says. He has that harmonizing ability that's still so street. Come see him defend his title at Seazon 27's March Madness on March 27th.

Hip Hop SeaZon #25: MulaManDam

Hip Hop Seazon 25 was the last showcase of 2016 and boy was it a sight to see. This showcase brought back 3 former HHS champions in SluggoDaDon, Present Burna and Mystro all looking to add another tittle to their resume. Group A was dominated by Long Island's young prodigy Mula. His new Single "Finesse" woke everyone up who weren't paying attention to the previous performers. In group B there was a surprise turn out. While everyone thought SluggoDaDon or Present were going to go head to head it was actually Jersey's own Mason that out shined them all. The Fab5 MC's Freestyle before he song made it clear that he was here to win his first title. Group C was also a surprise turn out to everyone as well. Mystro was the leading favorite to take that group but little did he know a Soulful young lady named Sindigo would make one hell of a first impression at her first showcase. Now with Mula, Mason and Sindigo being there last 3 standing there was no telling who would be taking home the title. It all came down to who had the strongest performance & song and Long Islands young star Mula came out with his first HHS Title. Mula got the best respond from the crowd with his elusive energy. This kid has placed in the Top3 in the last 2 showcase with 3 different hot singles. There's no doubt his producer Bosso deserves a lot of credit for cooking up bangers for him to eat up. The win moved Mula from the #7 spot to the #4 spot in the HHS M. Hip Hop Rankings. Mula seems to have huge upside and the skills to take Long Island where they have never been before. Look at for him at the Seazon 26 showcase where he will defend his title for the first time.

Hip Hop SeaZon #24: Mystro

Hip Hop SeaZon 24 was hands down the most Epic showcase of 2016. This show included 2 HHS Champs and 5 Open mic winners in the line up all going for the HHS 24 Title. The show started right off with a Bang when HHS CEO Michael Chillz opened up the show with a freestyle about getting a call from the host Kruz who couldn't make it. The crowd went Nuts!! This was the first time anyone has ever heard Chillz even rap. From there Group A was dominated by Vermont's own Mystro that made his presence felt. In group B HHS 22 Champion Present Burna was back slugging it out with Mula from Long Island. The young Mula squeezed his way past the champion with a strong single and performance. In Group C a new artist from California named Phreshly Relevant captured the crowds eyes. Little did she know that the 2 time Champ SluggoDaDon would close out the group and captured everyone's hearts. In typical fashion Sluggo left no doubt that he was on another level. When it was time to announce the winner most people expected Sluggo to win his 3rd Title. But the cool breeze from Vermont clinched his first HHS Title. Mystro may look like a rapper but he can really Sang!! He's a singer with a Trap Soul. His cool vibe and song writing abilities moved him right into the R&B Top 10 rankings at the #5 Spot. This kid is a certified hit maker and on the Rise. Look out for the Voice of Vermont in Seazon 25.

Hip Hop SeaZon #23: Sluggodadon

Hip Hop SeaZon 23 was the last show of the Summer 16 and boy was it Live!!!! This show was a mixture of young rookie that made their name in the open mics with a few vets. One think to note was that the Epic part2 Showdown between the current champ Present Burna and the Seazon 20 Champ Sluggodadon didn't go down since Present couldn't make it to the show. Even so Rookies like Mula, Rapture The Rapper, Mono and Che Che The Motivator made their presence felt. In Group A Long Island's own Mula swept the competition with some apposition from IC Balla. Group C started off Strong with Maryland's dynamic duo of Prospekt & Los. But a young energetic rookie name Mono from the Bronx matched and surpassed their performance. The big battle in this showcase took place in Group B. A talented Femcee from the DMV named Che Che The Motivator sparked the flam first. Followed by a super talented Gospel artist name Rapture the Rapper from Alabama. Closing out the group was the Vet Sluggodadon and boy did he close it out. Sluggo made ppl take out their camera's to record the carnage he left in that venue. He's a fast rapping turn up king that lived up to the hype and was crowned with his second HHS Title. His big win moved him into the #2 M Hip Hop Spot right behind King Ceazar. Is there going to be a shift in power at HHS ??? Only one way to find out and that's to come to Seazon 24 in October.

Hip Hop SeaZon #22: Present Burna

On June 27th, 2016 Hip Hop SeaZon celebrated their well anticipated 3 year Anniversary with SeaZon 22. This show was jam packed with fresh new talent. It also brought back returning Champ Robbie Maxx looking to capture his second title in a row. Group A was a close call battle between jersey's Mason and new comer JayyWarr. As good as JayyWarr single was Mason's lyrical wordplay and Stage presence gave him the inch he needed to win the group. In Group B Rookie of the Year winner Present Burna lead the way. Even the returning champ Robbie Maxx couldn't shine over Burna. Group C turned into a clean sweep for SeaZon 20 champ Sluggodadon. All 3 artist left on stage just so happen to also be the last 3 Open Mic winners. It's funny because everyone expected it to be a battle between Robbie and Sluggo at the end. Instead the surprise threat came from the left in Present Burna as he became the New SeaZon 22 Champion. Present Burna is a seasoned vet with a smash single called "Tan Purse". Hailing from queens he doesn't make mistakes when it comes to his performances although he's on a wheel chair. He had the crowd turnt and took the show to new heights with the element of surprised. The moral of the story is to never let a disability of any sort prevent you from doing what you love. When your talented your light will shine over any darkness.

Hip Hop SeaZon #21: Robbie Maxx

Hip Hop SeaZon 21 "Pay Day" brought out a flurry of new talent that made truly made a name for themselves. The SeaZon 20 Champ SluggoDaDon was back looking to capture his second title. Coming into the show most thought he would have would be head above heals over the new competitors. In Group A there was a new face named Robbie Maxx out of Jersey that set the bar for the rest of the artist to follow. He performed his Single "Pretty Thang" and worked his was around all the women in the crowd. Group B was jammed packed with talent. Starting with J Harvard from Atlanta, Eazy Loc from VA and former champ Manganelli. When the smoke cleared a new face named Ace Reign out of DC who stepped through fire. Group C was dominated by SluggoDaDon himself. This show was a virtual close call between Robbie Maxx & SluggoDaDon so when the Michael Chillz announce Robbie Maxx as the New Champion the crowd showed him nothing but love. Robbie's crowd engagement with the women was a style never seen before at HHS. He's truly a professional at his craft and mastered his performance set. It looks like we have a new rivalry at HHS between SluggoDaDon and Robbie and we are ready to see them clash again at SeaZon 22!!!

Hip Hop SeaZon Showcase #20: Sluggodadon

Hip Hop SeaZon #20, "March Madness", was just that - "Madness". The show was the first showing of the 2016 Big3 featuring She Real, King Ceazar and Suzann Christine. All three artists showed exactly why they were picked to be the headliners for the rest of the year. It also brought forth a new wave talent who made a name for themselves at HHS. Group A brought a strong group from Brooklyn named Just Us. Group C was more of a sword match, but Kenya's Nic Without da E shined above the rest in his group. Now Group B was a slugfest between the Rookie of the Year Winner Sluggo Da Don and Ezzy Loc out of VA. Both moved the crowd with their performances and put on quite a show. But the slugfest swung into Sluggo Da Don's hands as he ended his performance free-styling about everyone in the room. Not only is this kid full of energy, but his ability to rhyme off the top of his head is incredible. Sluggo ended up winning his first HHS Title and represented Queens in a major way. He's an early prospect for the 2017 Big3 and his win moved him right into the #5 Spot in the Top 10 Male Hip Hop Rankings. Sluggo puts on one hell of a show every time he touches a stage. Look out for him defending his Title in SeaZon #21 against the #4 Ranked Manganelli and other new talented artists from around the country.

Hip Hop SeaZon Showcase #19: She Real

Hip Hop SeaZon 19 was the first Showcase of 2016 and set a high expectation for the rest of the year. This show brought back the previous champion Suzann Christine (looking to capture her second title), She Real (the SeaZon 17 Champion) and the runner-up Chris Matic. There was also new talent who made their mark on the program, like Sluggodadon, Three and Toronto Frost. In Group A, Chris Matic eased over the competition with a song called "Different" which had a strong message. Group B was a battle between Sluggodadon and Three, and She Real closed out the group with a performance for the record books. In Group C, Suzann Christine shined brighter than her competitors. With these 3 artists left on stage at the end, there was no telling who was taking home the HHS Title. When Michael Chillz called She Real's name, her team was ecstatic. After not placing in SeaZon 18, she came back with vengeance and put together a structured performance with 3 dancers. She showed that she's way more than just a lyrical MC. She knows how to captivate a crowd and put on one hell of a show. Her performance moved her to the #1 spot on the Women's Hip Hop Rankings category.

Hip Hop SeaZon Showcase #18: Suzann Christine

On December 14th 2015 HHS closed out the year with an amazing SeaZon 18 "Holiday SeaZon" Show. This show brought back three former champions in the Ave Boyz, Trigga Obama/OG Skully and She Real. All three artist were looking to add another HHS Title to their trophy case. From the very beginning of the show the newcomers came out very strong. There was a strong smell of upset in the venue starting with Group A. Trigga Obama/ Og Skully ran into a surprise road block in Marv P from Virginia who put on one heck of a performance. Then in Group B a great singer named Suzann Christine from Philly left no doubt that she was in a class of her own. In the final group She Real slugged it out against a new comer in Chris Matic who surprised her with a blow to the back. When the smoke cleared the three new comers were left standing on stage but Suzann Christine sung her way to being crowned the HHS18 Champion. When she performed her single "Where is the Love" the room stopped still. Her strong voice and stage presence stood head over all her competitors with ease. When you see Suzann perform live you'll see some flashes of a young Mary J Blige. The way she structures her singles together with strong bridges and choruses makes it easy to sing along with her. Suzann became the only singer to win an HHS title in 2015 and moved right into the top 10 R&B Rankings.

Hip Hop SeaZon Showcase #17: She Real

The Hip Hop SeaZon 17 Showcase on Oct 26th took on a life of its own. Although the SeaZon 16 Champions Trigga Obama & OG Scully were not in the building there was a new wave of talent there to make a name. Starting with the groups like #1 Group Ave Boyz seeking blood. The Vol16 Rookie of the Year Winners Vice and runners up Tha Firing Squad were also looking to make their debut on the HHS Showcase stage. Group B was packed with talented women that clashed back to back and took the show to new heights. A petite young lady walked on stage and delivered a big bite for Harlem. She goes the name SheReal and believe me when I say this girl is Real!!!. Her single "Bodega" was a force to be reckoned with and shot her a head of her group. Once she heard Michael Chillz announce her a the winner she starred in complete shock. Everything she worked and prayed for came to life as she became our new HHS Champion. She Real is a taste of the golden age in Hip Hop that taste like Lauren Hill mixed with MC Lyte. Her win moved her right into the #2 Spot on the HHS Rankings.

Hip Hop SeaZon Showcase #16: Trigga Obama & OG Skully

The 2015 HHS "SeaZon Jam" was truly a great live concert. Like SeaZon 15, this show brought back three former champions competing for their second title. The Ave Boyz were hot and fresh off their previous win at the 2-year anniversary. They were placed in Group B against former champ James Lion from St. Louis. Jersey's own Manganelli was also looking to close out the show strong in Group C and leave with the title. The clash in Group B was epic due to a new duo from Indiana who turned the club into a playground. Trigga Obama and OG Skully performed their new single and sent shockwaves through Blackthorn 51. We've haven't seen an artist rap on top of the bar in their performance since way back in SeaZon 2 with Skinny and Ha-Style from the DMV. Their performance was the most memorable and won them their first title here at HHS. The duo drove eleven hours straight from Indiana to leave their mark at HHS, and they did just that. This goes to show us all that dedication and hard work will always prevail when $1,000 cash and a Hip Hop SeaZon title is on the line.

Hip Hop SeaZon Showcase #15: AveBoyz

On June 22nd 2015 we celebrated our 2 year anniversary. This showcase was stacked with Domofdadistrict, Setto and Manganelli all competing for their second Hip Hop SeaZon Title. With all 3 artists being ranked in the top 10 rankings, it was hard for anyone to guess who would take over the night. Setto brought in a new strong single called "All of These" that clashed against Manganelli's "You's a Joke". In Group C, Domofdadistrict was clashed with SeaZon 13's Rookie of the Year champs AveBoyz. Once the smoke cleared, the only former champion who placed was Manganelli. Just when everyone thought they had it won, the AveBoyz from the Bronx NY swooped in and won their first title. Their passion and love for music prevailed, and their hard work finally paid off. These guys pour their heart and soul into every performance. A force to be reckoned with and HHS veterans. The "Chop" single moved them right to the #1 spot on the Hip Hop SeaZon Group Rankings.

Hip Hop SeaZon Showcase #14: Manganelli

SeaZon 14's "Spring Break" was another great show full of surprises. Domofdadistrict wasn't in the lineup, so there were no heavy favorites to win it all. The DMV was still well represented by Billy Lytle who performed a powerful song about the police brutality going on around the country. Group B had a strong contender from Queens named D Kno Money, who faced off against Jersey's own Manganelli. Being a veteran here at HHS after performing in SeaZon 12 and 13, Manganelli knew exactly what he had to do the win. He performed another new banger that had the crowd looking at him stunned that a "White Kid" can Turn Up the way he did. At the end of the night, Michael Chillz announced the Jersey Stage Rocker as the SeaZon 14 Champion. Manganelli is like MGK on steroids that can rock any crowd. This win helped him creep up the top 10 Hip Hop Rankings at the #4 Spot.

Hip Hop SeaZon Showcase #13: Domofdadistrict

SeaZon 13's "March Madness" was just that - Madness!!! This show was a musical circus full of exciting acts that had the crowd running towards the stage. Our returning Champ James Lion was there along with Manganelli and Aura. The line up was saturated with new DMV artists hungry to make their debut at HHS. Group B was by far the strongest group of the night. Just when we all thought it would be an easy win for James, DC's own Domofdadistrict woke everyone up. Her signature freelance style and stage presence commanded everyone's attention. We have never seen a female MC blaze the stage that way since Starchizzy in SeaZon 7. At the end of the night, history was made as Domofdadistrict became the first female MC to win a Hip Hop SeaZon Title. Lost for words, she thanked everyone and was surrounded by her supporters on stage to celebrate her win. She moved right on top at the #1 spot in the HHS Women's Hip Hop Rankings.

Hip Hop SeaZon Showcase #12: James Lion

SeaZon 12 was the first showcase of 2015 and a messy one, since it was the day after the blizzard. Although a lot of artists were not able to make it to the show, there were still stars in the building. Setto returned as the reigning champ from SeaZon 12 to win back-to-back titles. The show also featured fresh new faces like Aura from Brooklyn, Manganelli from Jersey and the Rookie of the Year from Vol. 11, James Lion. The Battle was fierce with top notch performances from all four artists. The last man left standing absolutely poured his Soul on the stage and showed us why "I'm So Different from Yawl". The St. Louis Artist/Producer James Lion's powerful anthem stole the night - with his new fiancée cheering for him in the crowd. As he was presented with the title, we all found out that a few days prior he was rushed to the emergency room and almost didn't make it to the show. "I wasn't even supposed to be here today", he said just before he called his girl to the stage to celebrate the win with him. This kid really reminds me of a young Kanye West when he was hungry for success. You can feel every line he sings right in your soul. Check out his latest EP "The Resume"

Hip Hop SeaZon Showcase #11: Setto

The SeaZon 11 Showcase on Nov 24th set the town of Rockville Centre on Fire. It was a packed show, with a nice mixture of new and older artists. The night started off with strong Group A performances by Nonsense, Cooltrey, Streets. The group was slammed closed after Setto performed his single "Trippin" and sent his group packing. The SeaZon 10 Champion, Matte Black, returned with even more experience and brought along a guitarist to sell us his single "Home Run". He was trailed by R.O.T.Y winners Young Ale and Mellow. At the end of the clashing, when the smoke cleared, Setto's single was left standing and had everyone "Trippin". Another talent from the Bronx took home a Title and moved into the Top 10 Rankings. Will he defeat Matte Black again in SeaZon 12 ?? Stay tuned for the next episode of HHS.

Hip Hop SeaZon Showcase #10: Black&ndWhite

On September 29th, an artist from Binghamton NY made HHS history. In the past, we'd never had a male R&B artist win a HHS Trophy. Well, that all changed at SeaZon 10. Matte Black is no stranger to HHS and competed in the SeaZon 6 and SeaZon 9 Showcases before. He came very close to winning in SeaZon 9, but lost to Spanx "The ManChild". He stole the night by performing a single from his album that we loved. His ability to rap and sing very well helped him captivate the whole crowd. Some say he sounds like Drake, but I say "Who Cares?". He's super talented and works hard. And at HHS, we do have an award for that - "Trophies".

Hip Hop SeaZon Showcase #9: Spanks

On July 28th, the SeaZon 9 Showcase set Long Island on fire. This show featured a wave of hungry young rookies looking to make a name for themselves at HHS. Mr. Piif returned, looking to smoke the competition and win back-to-back titles. Little did he know that a Rookie of the Year winner from the Bronx was on his heels. Spanks, the 17 year old - "The Man Child" - turned the stage into a jungle. Swinging around and letting the packed crowd feel his bars, he had just enough juice to squeeze by Mr. PIIF and win the HHS9 Title. The charismatic MC was riding high after being announced the winner, and printed his name with the former HHS Champions. Look out for Spanks - he's a Problem Child.

Hip Hop SeaZon Showcase #8: Piif Jones

On May 26th, our Hip Hop SeaZon Showcase invaded Long Island NY’s Vibe Lounge for the first time. This Show featured a good mixture of familiar names and new faces. Diomara was there looking to win 3 HHS titles in a row – which has never been done before. Also competing was Mike Crump, Lady K and N’Dure, all looking for their first title. While they were shooting, Mr. Piif from Queens Bridge made them look and made them slaves to his ryme book. Not only did he make the crowd feel him, he made them move to his music as well. With a name like Mr. Piif you can get some sort of idea as to what his song was about, and relate to it as well. What sold his performance was the fact that he was having a good time on stage, like no one was even there. He took home the HHS 8 Title and showed us the bridge is not over – Queens Bridge that is.

Hip Hop SeaZon Showcase #7: DioMara

On March 24th we witnessed a historic moment in HHS history. We’ve had an artist win 2 titles before, but we’ve never had an artist win 2 titles back-to-back. That was until Diomara walked onstage and delivered a stellar performance. She outdid her previous performance at SeaZon 6 and even showed a different side of herself. Not only does she have a groundbreaking voice that immediately grabs your attention, she also really knows how to perform. She came down from the stage and worked the crowd like a hip hop artist should, and even chose to do an upbeat track. With this second win, she has solidified her spot as one of the BIG 3 artists for 2015. Her talent is undeniable and she demands your attention when she gets onto the stage. Hip Hop SeaZon has shifted into R&B SeaZon – with leading ladies like Diomara and Nubia Emmon leading the pack. If you’re smart, you should get her autograph now before she breaks through into the mainstream.

Hip Hop SeaZon Showcase #6: DioMara

Hip Hop Seazon 6 was the first show of 2014 and it gave us a new wave of R&B singers. Up to this point, the R&B section of the show was usually led by Marc Hughes, Mason J and Nubia Emmon. Group B became the central point of this show with new arrivals, including Black&ndWhite, Lady Jade and Katrina/Pearl. Out came the shy girl with the Vibrant Voice who woke everyone up named Diomara. She was recruited by Michael Chillz who had seen her at an Open Mic and was in AAAAWE. Her voice lit up the stage like a Christmas Tree in Times Square. She made us all close our eyes and listen as she coasted through high notes like a joy ride on a sunny day. After she was announced the HHS6 winner, we learned that this show was the first one she’s ever won in her life – which was very surprising given her enormous talent. This Long Island girl shot right up to the #2 Spot on the Top 10 R&B rankings.

Hip Hop SeaZon Showcase #5: Nubia Emmon

November 11th brought forth the last show of 2013 and the best one yet. SeaZon 5 brought back all the best acts of the year to reclaim the title and the $3,500 Cash. On this night history was made – twice. We’ve never had an R&B or woman ever win a showcase and take home the title. Who would have thought a 20 year-old singer from Texas would shine the brightest. Nubia Emmon came in with her hit single “Flash It” and won all the judges over. Not only did she sing and dance, she rapped as well. She’s a triple threat and a force to be reckoned with. “I just love to perform and make music,” she said after receiving her title from Michael Chillz. The rest was history. Look out for Nubia Emmon – the triple threat from Texas.

Hip Hop SeaZon Showcase #4: Ha-Style

On September 16 we witnessed our first artist win their second title in our competitive showcase. It’s hard enough just winning one title at Hip Hop Seazon. Winning two in 3 shows was un heard of. That’s what makes Ha Style our # 1 ranked artist to date. We have never seen an artist consistently deliver an amazing performance every time they touched our stage. He debuted his second single of his mix tape named ” Love it” and we all Loved it. Him and His hype mane Skinny make it almost impossible for any artist to match their energy when they perform. They are both forcing the music industry to pay attention to the DMV area for talent.

Hip Hop SeaZon Showcase #3: King Ceazer

There’s an old saying that says “The third time’s the charm” which was definitely the case for this Champion. Hip Hop SeaZon 3, “Sosa’s Back”, was full of talent. Both former champs OOAK and Ha-Style came to compete for their second title. Little did they know that an artist they both defeated was back for revenge. The seventeen year-old phenom from the Bronx NY made his presence felt in a major way. King Ceazar was highly ranked before he even stepped on a Hip Hop SeaZon stage. The one thing he was missing was a title to back up the hype he was getting. On August 19th he debut his new single “I need it Now” and stole the show. When Young Kruz announced him as the winner he was lost for words. Everything he worked towards in the first two showcases finally came true and he was crowned our new Champion.

Hip Hop SeaZon Showcase #2: Ha-Style

Hip Hop SeaZon 2, “One Of A Kind Return”, brought back former champs OOAK to defend the title. This Showcase was full of new star faces like Young Schola, Young Blake and Marc Hughes. None expected two hungry artists to drive all the way up from the DMV and shut things down. Ha-Style and his label mate Skinny came down and put on a (((Legendary))) performance. They took NYC on a ride down to the DMV and made the whole club say “Sosa Sosa Sosa”. To this day we have never seen a more electric duo to tear up the stage the way they did. “Yooo that performance was sooo Littttt!!!” Said Jonathan Chillz after the show. Ha-Style’s energy and street banger “Sosa” flew him up to the #1 spot on the Top 10 rankings.

Hip Hop SeaZon Showcase #1: One of a Kind

The Grand Opening Showcase June 24th was full of new faces, new music and new ideas. It started the reign of the #1 Hip Hop and R&B showcase in the Tri-state. It also crowned its very first Champion in One Of A Kind. While most of the competing artists got lost in the bright lights, OOAK stepped towards it. Their 10 years of experience showed and wowed the judges. It’s not very often that you’ll find a group with 2 singers and a rapper that are perfectly in sync with each other. Their winning song “Up and Down” made the judges hold down their fingers at the name ((One of A Kind)). They won and brought home the $1,000 cash and Title back to Brooklyn. Like they say in NY, “Brooklyn keeps on taking it” – which they did in Hip Hop SeaZon 1.