Since the start of the R&B genre, women have always been in the driver’s seat of the music world. They shaped the genre and dictated the standard for the era they sang in. Now the question remains, how do you choose the best female R&B singer of all time? By record sales? Or by number of hits? Before that question can even be answered, we all have to understand that there have always been two types of R&B singers. First you have the “Classic Era Singer”. These are singers who impressed the crowd simply with their voice. Their vocal ranges are off the charts and also heartfelt by everyone who hears them sing. Names like Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross are “Classic Era Singers”. On the other side you have “New Era Singers”. These are singers with attributes that, along with their voices, make them great. Being able to play an instrument, dance, and rap are examples of talents they use to accompany their singing ability. Names like Beyoncé, Janet Jackson, and Alicia Keys are “New Era Singers”. It’s almost impossible to judge singers from 2 different eras because they’re both super talented in different ways. Here at Hip Hop SeaZon we are proud to have not one, but two leading ladies. We have a “Classic Era Singer” in Diomara and a “New Era Singer” in Nubia Emmon. It’s very hard to say which singer is better but it’s easy to say they both have a bright future ahead of them. If you ask me who I like better, I’d say it depends. When I’m out having a good time and enjoying myself I’ll play some Nubia Emmon on my iPod. When I’m home alone missing my man and waiting for him to come home I’ll play some Diomara on my home stereo. Which Era singer do you like better? Personally, I love them both – and I’ll be buying both their albums in the future.