This Year’s HHS Fab 5 has finally been announced and the cypher is coming soon. All five artist have displayed lyrical assaults throughout the 2017 Seazon and became premier MCs in the program. Here’s the 2017 Top 5 MCs picked to be in the annual HHS Cypher.

Jazzmyn Red (Boston,Mass)

Jazzmyn is a talented 90’s positive vibes MC from head to toe. She embodies everything we loved about Queen Latifah, MC Lyte and Lauren Hill. These women would spit uplifting bars and songs that could uplift the Culture. They even fed knowledge through their verses and life lessons in their hooks. She started in the Open Mic circuit then made her debut on the main stage at the Seazon 29 Showcase. At the show she out rapped all the guys in the cypher and killed the stage for her set as well. She shot right up the Top 10 W Hip Hop Rankings at the #3 spot just off of one showcase. That’s amazing!

Ya Boi Bron (Bronx, NY)

Ya Boi Bron is the 2018 reincarnation of Big Pun to the fullest. Not as big physically but his distinctive bars, light yet gritty voice and persona is Soo Bx. His work eithic is also off the charts putting out a track or a video once a week to close out the 2017 Seazon. Bron’s also the founder of the collective WeTheWest that’s been etched in HHS since 2015 with Piff and IC Balla. He made his debut on the main stage at the Seazon 25 Showcase and got better over time. He etched his name in the Top 10 M Rankings after winning the HHS31 title with a legendary performance in Oct. Bron’s the Truth!

Hatty Maines (Marlboro,NJ)

Hatty Maines is a well rounded MC that can do it All. Throw him in a Cypher, he’ll kill. Throw him on a live show he’ll Kill. Throw him on SoundCluoud, he’s killin. Hatty has displayed his growth in the craft over the years right in front of our eyes. His stage presence is off the charts and he’s turning into a monster. Although he’s still early in mastering his sound and brand he will be a force for Jersey when he does. Hatty made his debut on the HHS stage wage back at the Seazon 16 Showcase in 2015. It wasn’t until two years later that he came back into the fold killing the Open Mic and eventually winning his first HHS Title at Seazon 32 in Dec. He’s Mr Do It All!!

Black Sinatra (Buffalo, NY)

Black Sinatra is an Mc’s Mc. New name to most but he’s been soaring bars over our heads here that we had to reach back and catch for some time now. Sinatra has been serving in the Open Mics for months and finally won the Vol 34 Open Mic in the middle of the Seazon. Some of his complex lines can’t be understood or interpenetrated in the first take. But if you play it again and take it in slow you’ll see and understand his genius. This MC is just striking the surface and could be the next Joyner Lucas slaying ever beat. Keep your eyes and ears open for him. He’s a Professor!

Solis (North Bergen, NJ)

Solis is a sharp shooting Mc that’s on point like an arrow. He quick spitting delivery will have you screaming “Run that back” just to comprehend what he just said. This concision Mc has a strong message of united that brings people of all nations together. You would think hes in his 40s with the knowledge in his head but he’s only 19. He made his debut on the main stage at the Seazon 27 Showcase and left us all in aw. Jumping in the Cypher and going completely off in a way that’s hasn’t been seen before. He’s an open book that spills his wisdom into your ears. Every line he says is gospel.