What if I told you there’s a new Cinderella story in the making that has nothing to do with a poor girl marrying into royalty ? What if she was actually a man and not a young lady ? You’d probably say “Than that’s a different story”. In a way it is very much different. But let me break down the parallel between the two. Present Burna was a talented up & coming hip hop artist from Queens NY. He first made a name for himself in HS battling other rappers and killing them with his wordplay. Word got out about his talent and his name began to quickly spread around the neighborhood. It put him in a great situation where he landed his first record deal at only 18 years old. His close ties to the streets put him in an unfortunate situation where he was shot and paralyzed from the waist down. Present’s whole pursuit of greatness in the music industry was placed on hold since the injury made him wheelchair-bound. It took him years to regain his confidence in his craft and jump back into music. But when he did he was better than ever. He re branded himself as “Present Burna” and used his injury to his advantage as a pose to crutch. In the summer of 2016 he made his way to HHS’s rookie of the year Open Mic and performed his smash single “Tan Purse”. The song and top performance helped him win the whole show. He then followed that up with a huge win at the SeaZon 22 showcase and snatched an HHS title. Present is currently growing his brand with a strong team behind him supporting his every move. He is grazing his prime and creating hits consistently. The key to this story is the way he turned his crutch or bad situation into a tool and advantage. In the original Cinderella story the “Crutch” was the missing shoe she lost that eventually helped the King find her and make her a his queen. So although the stories are different the parallels are the same. Plus this is Hip Hop so we would rather hear the street version as a pose to the original anyway. Check out Present’s new music below and follow him on his journey to complete his “Cinderella Story”

-Tasha Gray