To most people Detroit is a tough and rugged city with very little upside. There’s a substantial percent of the city’s population living in poverty. Even the school systems are overcrowded and under developed.  Now in most cases it’s easy for Detroit’s youth to be a product of their environment since there’s not much to be happy about. At the same time there’s a select few that uses that tough environment to create beautiful pieces of work.   Take Detroit’s own Lucy for instance. She represents what Detroit is all about with her great music that’s created from her tough environment. This Cute Face Queen made her debut at the SeaZon 14 “SeaZon Jam” Showcase and made her presence felt. It started with her jumping into the HHS cypher and out doing all the guys with her wordplay. Then her high energy performance showed that she can also make hit records. Don’t be fooled by the cute face because she has one hell of a bite. Her lyrics are heart felt like Eve in her prime yet she’s very soft spoken when you meet her in person. Just like the city of Detroit. The landscape of the city may be very intimidating for most people who’s never been there. But once you go on and converse with the people in the city you’ll see the beauty in the city. So the outlook of a city can’t be prejudged by only the appearance. It has to by judged by the people in it like the lyrically gifted Lucy. She’s currently climbing up HHS W. Hip Hop rankings and currently ranked #3. Check out her premium singe “You” and let us know what you think. 

-Tasha Gray