For the past decade Long Island has taken a back seat to the 5 boroughs running the NY Hip Hop Scene. Most of the younger generation of fans don’t even know any of the successful hip hop artist from the island since it was way before their time. HHS’s #2 ranked M Hip Hop artist Mula may just be the chosen one for the forgotten Island. You may chuckle at the thought of a 19 year old kid from Uniondale and his innovative producer sparking a large flame. You may even think it’s disrespectful if your also an artist from L.I. I’m here to tell you that Mula and his producer Casso are the truth. Mula has a distinctive voice that can pierces through 808s like a bell. His flow makes you want to move and rock along with Casso’s masterpiece. The scary part about these two is that they haven’t even grazed their full potential. Mula’s stage presence is getting better by the show and Casso’s creativity is expanding. They are creating a sound that may lead Long Island to the for front of NY hip Hop scene. Don’t want to take it from me ? Take it from someone from Long Island like Michael Chillz. “Growing up in West Hempstead a lot of the artist I knew were searching for a sound of their own. Most artist imitated the 5 boroughs so when I hear Mula and Casso put a single together it’s a breath a fresh air for the Island.” Chillz says after Mula won the SeaZon 25 showcase. Mula will be dangerous if he continues to grow at the rate he’s going and reached his full potential. Don’t be surprised if you see Mula on XXL Freshman cover 3 years from now or earlier. Check out one of his latest singles below called “Finesse”.

– Tasha Gray