The HHS National M.Hip Hop Rankings has finally shifted at the top. Since the end of 2014 when King Ceazar grabbed the #1 spot from Ha Style none has been able to move Ceazar from the top. Many came and a few made it into the rankings but couldn’t dethrone the King until now. Queens native SluggoDaDon started his grind to the in SeaZon 19 when he first made his debut at HHS. The Don went on to win SeaZon 20&23 along with placing in the Top3 in the past 4 showcase. His live performances makes the crowds take out their phones because they know for a fact he’s going to put on a show. After sitting at the #2 spot for the middle of 2016 his legendary Seazon 24 performance let it be known that he’s the undisputed King at HHS. “Sluggo is the best male Hip Hop performer we have ever seen at HHS. Since he’s came into the program I have yet to see him put on a lack luster performance that didn’t grab the crowds attention. “said Michael Chillz at the end of the Seazon 24 showcase. Sluggo has also become the people champ because he shows love to all the other artist that perform. That combination of personality & spit fire rapping ability raised his stock past King Ceazar in the rankings. With talks of the new 2017 announcement months away there’s a good chance Sluggo will make the cut. Keep your eyes on the Don because he’s rein as the new HHS king has just begun.

– Tasha Gray