Known as the number one Hip Hop showcase in the country, Hip Hop SeaZon is a “middle ground” (as the CEO likes to call it), for underground Hip Hop and R&B artists to develop their crafts while also establishing their fan base. Complete with a radio station on SoundCloud (SeaZon Radio), a singing competition (Singers Paradise), an open mic series, and a monthly showcase, Hip Hop SeaZon was founded by CEO/President Michael Chillz who came up with the idea of Hip Hop SeaZon when he was a 17-year-old high school kid. Even then Chillz noticed that there wasn’t a consistent place for Rap artists to perform and grow their artistry. “Since I’ve always wanted to have my own business and I am a fan of music I wanted to fill that void and create a movement that celebrates unsigned superstars, while also putting on a great show,” explains Chillz. Michael has been a fan of music all of his life, teaching himself how to produce music and play instruments. Without any co-signs or prior experience in the industry, he is now someone that A&R’s seek out because of Hip Hop SeaZon.

The Hip Hop SeaZon motto is “Don’t say you’re the best – prove it”, and for two years they have been allowing the country’s biggest and brightest up and coming Hip Hop and R&B stars do just that. Capitalizing off of the ever changing climate of the music industry, Hip Hop SeaZon has been helping Hip Hop and R&B artists take a different approach to promoting their music by giving them a platform via their website and monthly showcases. On you are sure to find something you like, whether it be an underground artist making waves in their hometown or an article in the blog section. With the showcases, HHS is looking for a few things when it comes to the artists that they promote – beat selection, hook, signature style, performance, and the movement that artist has are all considered.

While there is a fee for artists to perform at the popular showcases, those who win at the open mic competitions are invited to perform at the showcase at no cost. The same goes for singers who win the singing showcase, Singers Paradise. Ultimately, the champ takes home a $1,000 prize. Showcases and open mics take place in Manhattan and Queens, and are maintained by a staff of promoters, photographers, videographers, and hosts who are all on hand to give those in attendance a one of a kind experience.

Now with over two years under its belt, Hip Hop SeaZon shows no signs of slowing down or stopping any time soon. “In music there’s no middle ground for artist they just have to get lucky and find their way to the top. We are trying to create the university or middle ground for them to get noticed,” said Chillz. And the plan is to develop this middle ground in all major cities and grow the Hip Hop SeaZon brand to a point where it is recognized and responsible for breaking Hip Hop and R&B stars from all over the country.

– David Nazario