When Hip Hop SeaZon was created and came to life 3 years back there was always the hope that the program would create Superstars – I don’t mean fly-by-night artists who have one hit then fall off the face of the earth. I mean career artists who are able to stand the test of time in the music industry. Stars who continue to get better with time, and show no signs of slowing up. There was a goal set to be able to take talented unknown artists without a following and help build their brand for the majors to receive them. With that said, if I had to choose an early staple artist in HHS who is living proof of what sticking with the program can do, it would be King Ceazar. I still remember the very first time Michael Chillz played “Bandz” for me and said “This kid is going to be the one”. I laughed and said “Not with that cheesy song”. The Fact the young 16 year old at the time, who’s from the Bronx yet sounds like he’s from ATL, could be the face of HHS sounded crazy to me. Even if he was good, I thought he was like a Soulja Boy type of artist. Even after I’d seen him live SeaZon 1-3 and after he won, I still didn’t yet see him as the face of the company. It wasn’t until SeaZon 5 that I started see him in an entirely different light. When he dropped “FlessCoo” and the “God Damn” video he had the Bronx in a frenzy. By the time SeaZon 9 came and he headlined the Showcase by himself with a 3 song set, I said “Wow – this kid is coming into his own and turning into a star”. I have watched a high school kid turn into a man in the past 3 years right before my eyes. Now I can’t get his songs out of my head. King Ceazar’s following has also grown dramatically since heading the Showcase, and he’s made quite a name for himself in the Bronx. His story so far is probably the most notable one out of HHS, since he went from not being on anyone’s radar to on every Indie music radar across the country. He’s truly a Young King who works hard at his craft day in and day out. Check out his latest video below: