Through out the years here at HHS the Bronx NY has consistently produced top notch rap crews. Starting back in 2013 with Seazon 1. This is when we were all introduced to the first talented crew named Dirty Cash. Then in 2014 Taunchiville came around with a diverse and gritty sound. In 2015 the Ave Boyz made their presence felt by wining both Rookie of the Year and an HHS Title. The Ave Boyz currently stand at the #1 spot in the HHS National Group Rankings. Now fast forward to the present in 2016 there’s a new crew from the Bronx in town and they are “The West”. What makes this crew special is that each member in the group is top tier and can hold their own as solo artist. Starting with Mono who brings that top notch energy and lights up every stage he touches. Then you have the Vol 26 Open Mic winner IC Balla. He cranks out hit singles like the clean up man on a baseball team. The next man up is the president Piff who’s solid all around. He brings in a persona that’s backed by his heavy skills. The hidden gem in the crew that’s very low-key until his verse comes in is Bron. He feeds people bars like it’s his profession. The West are making their mark felt in the Open Mics and now looking to move into the showcases to do the same. When you have a crew with no weakness like this and collectively goes as hard as they do, it’s hard to match anyone up against them. We have yet so see a fantastic four like this in our history and we expect to see big things from them all. Just remember you heard it first and if you never seen these guys perform live, You are completely missing out. Not the left nor the east It’s the WEST!!!