Remember back in June of 2016 when we wrote “A Rising Star” article on Yvng Swag from Maryland ? Whelp the innovative dancer has just landed a deal with Atlantic Records as an artist! As a surprise to us Swag not only can Swag dance well he can also make hot singles. The young star ¬†first posted a random video of himself mouthing of a medley of random melodies. Once his fans seen the video they all persuaded him to release the record on Soundcloud. Unbeknown to them he was just actually joking at first. He did it anyway and recorded the song to add on Soundcloud. Next think you know the number shot up like a rocket. His large fan base he accumulated from his dance videos ate it up. The first label to jump on his train was Atlantic Records and like they say the early bird gets the worm.¬† Atlantic seen his large following and his sponsorship with Nick Cannon as a huge check point to give him a nice deal. Yvng Swag’s influence over the young generation gave him huge upside to draw the attention of major labels. I know most artist are probably thinking “How did he get a deal off of just one song ?” Well think of it this way, most major labels in 2017 are more like banks. To get a “large loan” or record deal they look at your credit score history. As an artist your history is your popularity, fan base, and influence level. The higher it is the higher your chances of them giving you an offer will be. Swag’s innovative dance videos opened up doors for him and helped grow his brand. Of course you need to have talent too as you did in the past but it’s creativity and innovative thinking that will bring attention to your talent. Check out Yvng Swag’s first single “Fall in Love” below.